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Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Feb 12, 2014


Thank you Mother Nature!

Amazing what some snow does for the mountain. So many more runs were open today and the snow was fantastic. I felt like I could ski for hours it was so much fun. We also managed to catch some blue skies this morning as well. What more could one ask for?!

I understand their was 10 cm of new snow, which opened up Horizon on Strachan for the first time in a while. And on Black Mountain, the lower fork of Maelle Ricker's Gold and Ashley McIvor's Gold were both open too. Fitting as the Olympics are presently under way.  I noticed Raven's Ridge looked almost ready today. Hope so. I miss that side!

Pick of the day was Humpty, with Horizon pulling a close second. Although I can't really say I found a bad run today :)

Besides the great conditions and mild temps today, it was really great to see many cars in the parking lot, and many people in the Crazy Raven Bar & Grill. Much more vibrant all round today.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Feb 5, 2014


Todays report is entitled The Wimp Ski Report, written by a newly self proclaimed wimp. IT IS COLD OUT THERE!

I believe the temperature is about minus 7 or so, which is really good for snow making. The Double M powder as they call it (man made) really is spectacular and is only possible to make with these low temps. However, this skier has gotten so used to our perpetual spring weather that I am not so used to a little cold. Pathetic.

On Strachan Mountain, Sky, Lions Express and Easy Rider chairs are all open. The big bluebird skies provide spectacular views and great direct sun on that side.

Over on Black Moutain it seemed a bit warmer to me and the snow makers are in full force, providing lovely powdery snow to swish through. A lot of the runs had good conditions and were very fast today. I would say my pick of the day would be Panorama to Windjammer.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Jan 29, 2014


The People Of Cypress

Today I was skiing on my own as my hubby had some meetings he had to attend. We are generally very good about protecting our Wednesday date day, but today couldn't be helped.

In order to entertain myself since I was on my own today, I did some observing and casual interviewing on the mountain.  The people I saw or spoke to are mentioned in my report today, hence the title "The People of Cypress".

I began my day on The Eagle Express Quad Chair, where Robin was loading patrons. She was helpful and smily, and willing the occasional snowflake to multiply.  Panorama, Windjammer, Maelle Ricker's and Jersey Jay were all in great shape today with soft groomed snow.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Jan 22, 2014


Sunshine and fresh air. And more sunshine. And more fresh air. What more does one need?

Okay perhaps a little cooperation from Mother Nature might be nice. I am reminded of our 2010 Olympics and how we were panicking about the lack of snow. I remember what an amazing job Cypress did that year of making and moving snow. And when it was all over- voila! The snow came.

So lets go with that expectation of big dumps to come. For now, the hill is great to get that fresh air and sunshine, and some well needed exercise. Today both sides were open with four chairlifts in operation. My pick of the day would be Humpty Dumpty with some lovely afternoon sun on it and soft snow.

Another great Wednesday enjoying the views of our beautiful city. I dont believe there are many places in the world where you can sit on a chairlift and see the ocean!

Dr Jen

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - January 19, 2014 - Trip to Crystal Mountain


One of the advantages of being a Cyress pass holder is visiting the sister resorts. One of those is Crystal Mountain. Lift passes are 50% off with a Cypress Silver Pass.

Crystal is located about 11/2 hours South of Seattle and is situated right next to Mount Rainier. The views that the resort boast are spectacular, especially on a day like today.The mountains that are visible from the top of the gondola include a full view of Mt. Rainier,  Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and even Mt. Baker off in the distance.

We were fortunate enough to experience a temperature inversion with bright blue skies and very warm temps (in the 60's). I saw people skiing in t-shirts and shorts!

If you have never been, Crystal is a must ski. It is larger than Cypress and smaller than Whistler. It has a nice variety of options between green and black diamond runs. Plenty of groomed as well as tree runs.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - January 15, 2014


Happy Wednesday!

So happy to be back on the mountain after a week off' and what a great day to be here. Blue-skies, sunshine and more snow!

For the first time this season I was able to ride Lions Express Quad Chair and Sky Ohair. Very nice to have double the terrain and double the fun today.

I must say that I really am impressed with what Cypress is able to do with really so little still this year. The base still isn't what we're used to by now, but they have been able to make and move around enough snow to open up most of the mountain.

The pick of the day is challenging with so many great runs to choose from today. I would say I enjoyed Panorama the best with Humpty Dumpty and lower Horizon a close second. Both sides had great conditions to offer.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - December 29, 2013


Wow, it feels great to be outside and on the mountain. What a mistake it would have been to join the group think about how terrible the snow is and to not have come.

Don't get me wrong, this is truly a sad year so far for snow. However this girl was really feeling sluggish after a Christmas week of food and company and being indoors. My body was screaming GET ME OUT!!  Need fresh air and exercise!! So up to my favorite place I came.

If you followed my report last year, you would know that I am a therapist from White Rock and I really value the mental and physical health that skiing offers. For the complete background, see my article entitled Cypress Date Day on my blog at 

Today was a prime example of the value this wonderful local mountain offers. One minute I'm at home in White Rock all blah and sluggish, next thing I'm here in the Crazy Raven writing my ski report,  feelin' all good and alive!

Dr Jen's Ski Report - December 18,2013


Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I missed skiing and reporting last week. I was in L.A. at a professional conference. I have to admit,  sunshine and palm trees were kinda nice.

Back to the mountain. What a beautiful sunny day today!  Despite Mother Nature not being cooperative,  Cypress is doing a great job of pumping out the snow. I wonder if this is what it is like to ski in Dubai?!  Oh wait a minute. They are inside aren't they??  Big difference for us: we CAN get snow!  And I'm sure it's coming.

Every week Cypress is able to open a bit more of the mountain up. Today Easy Rider was open,  which was also where the sun was shining. Very nice.  All of the runs off Eagle Express are now open too. Now we just need that snow to open up the rest of the mountain!   Wait. Is that snow I see out there?!  Yes, it is snowing as we speak. Yeah!!!

Dr Jen's Ski Report - December 4, 2013


The Little Snowblowers That Could...

Although the snow hasn't been plentiful yet, Cypress keeps things going. The surrounding mountains looked a bit more bare than last week, but the runs still offered loads of fun.  Thanks to the likes of Austin,  a new employee from the Yukon, whose job it is to keep the snow guns going.

Let's back up a bit. For those of you who followed the blog last year,  you will remember that my husband hurt his back and was out for the season at the end of January last season. He's back!

He is back, but not boarding (he was beautiful to watch, if I may say so myself). This year the man is skiing. We figure his bulging disc injury was caused by cumulative abuse of life, gardening (his business) and 25 years of snowboarding.  So let's try skiis.

Guest Blog Post - Kathy Koop Opening Day 2013


“Where's my ski's?" The words hung in the air, waiting to have meaning before landing on our funny bones. Ha ha. So much for organization and trusting others with your gear.

My boyfriend looks aghast at the only skis in the back of his truck. His. He of course immediately offers to rent me replacements, because he's a great boyfriend, something I would normally be all over for the opportunity to try some high end skis but the grass and rocks surrounding the bare parking lot squelch my mood somewhat.

Dr Jen's Ski Report - November 27th,2013


Wow. What a great November ski day.  So blessed to be on the mountain on a Wednesday.  And has anyone noticed how different it smells up here?  Fresh and clean...

The temperatures were unusually warm, I believe about 5 degrees, which made for great soft snow conditions. And today there were more than twice the runs available as last Wednesday!  Not only was Maelle Rickers open, but also Jersey Jay and Panorama.  Lots to choose from on Cypress made snow.

What I loved today was how happy and talkative everyone was. The staff and patrons all seemed so genuinely happy, simply to be out and on the mountain. 

Dr Jen's Ski Report. - Opening Day! November 20,2013


I love my life. I love my life...

Well here it is, another ski season off to a great start. I woke up this morning in White Rock to a lovely sunny day. Had my coffee and a hot tub (I know, decadent) and then checked my emails before I got ready for my day. WHAT!!!  Cypress opened today?! No one sent me my invitation. Thank goodness my girlfriend commented about the horseshoes I apparently have, given that Cypress was opening on my day off.

For a quick moment I deliberated on my dilemma of already having plans...dilemma solved. Plans cancelled. Off to the mountain I go for the first ski of the year.

I was on quite the high as I drove here. So much so that I had a little party going in my car with my music, I was speeding, and I ran a couple of red lights. I think Ski Fever should be a diagnosis!  Thank goodness I didnt need to explain my illness to any officers.

Jaw Dropping Benefits of Cross Country Skiing! Posted May 13, 2013


Jaw Dropping Benefits of Cross Country Skiing!

Check out this article from the Globe and Mail -


Dr Jen's Ski Report - April 15, 2013


Friends and faithful followers,

Alas our love affair has come to an end . . . for this season anyway.

It was sad last week when Cypress had to close midweek because of conditions. This of course meant no Wednesday date day and no Dr Jens Ski Report.

Last Friday we had a pre booked trip to Whistler for the Ski and Snowboard Festival, so no Cypress on the weekend either. Bad timing for my favorite winter love affair!

Now it is Monday morning and I wake up in in Whistler to check Cypress' very informative website. A little too informative today - it's the last day! ! I don't remember anyone checking with me first before deciding today was closing day! !  Guess I know where I rank on corporate decisions (lol).

I certainly can't complain. Cypress has been a true hilite of the winter: a beautiful place for a date with my husband; fresh air and exercise; an outlet for the trapped writer inside of me . . . nothing but good on good.

Dr Jen's Ski Report - April 3, 2013


Today was near perfect, except for the signs that the season is coming to an end. Not too many people and the mountain is showing some bare spots. So sad.

My hubby decided to try a bit of exercise today (since he still can't board) and went snowshoeing. Cypress does also offer some great snow shoeing and cross country terrain.

Temperature was very mild with a mix of cloud and sun.  Visibility great. The snow was nice and soft and very fast.  Like I said, near perfect.

Up Lions Express aIl runs were smooth sailing. My favorite today was probably T-33 off Sky Chair. It's funny, no matter how often I come here, I find the views mesmorizing. When I got off the top of Eagle Express I was unable to move as I stared at the view from the top. Simply amazing. We surely live in one of the most beautful places in the world, or at least get to ski at one!

Off Eagle was just as good as the other side, with Panorama being a close second today.

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