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Dr Jen's Ski Report - Nov 19, 2014


Happy Wednesday!

The first of many Wednesdays this season.  And a glorious midweek event it is. Love the ability to get some exercise and fresh air on the slopes.

Much warmer today, at six degrees. The snow was softer today, and a few bare spots compared to opening day on Saturday. Did not interfere with the fun though! Quite a few skiers and boarders enjoying the early season, with both Eagle and Easy Rider chairs open.

Some new faces working the lifts today: David and Kelly. Both smiling and friendly. And its great to have Shannon back in the Crazy Raven again, with some new crew members including Jessica who served us today.  Life is so good!  Bring on the snow!

Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen is an avid skiier and Cypress passholder, every week she sends out a ski report to her friends & family about her adventures at Cypress!

Dr Jen's Ski Report - Nov 15, 2014



T-33 Memorial Ceremony - posted September 2, 2014


On August 28, 2014, family, friends and Navy & Airfoce personnel attended a memorial for 2 navy pilotes killed on Cypress Mountain 50 years ago.

On Nov. 23, 1963 a Royal Canadian Navy T-33 Jet aircraft on a naval training flight with two crew members on board (Lt. Norman Ogden and Lt. Donald Clark, both from Victoria) crashed into the heavily forested mountainous area of Mt. Strachan in what is now known as Cypress Mountain.

Click HERE for photo's and story from The Province

Learn to do the Flying Trapeze! - September 2, 2014


Last week, Breakfast Television's Dawn Chubai got a lesson from West Coast Flying Trapeze set up in our Olympic Plaza for the summer.

Check out the video in the link below:

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Last Day of the Season - April 20,2014


Happy, sad, fulfilled, somber ... pick an emotion. They are all here today on closing day at Cypress.

As we sit for the last time in the Crazy Raven Bar and Grill, I am flooded with all of the joy this place has brought us in the last six months. Nature's playground is what it is. A lovely spot of beauty where we are blessed to have our Wednesday Date Day all ski season. Many great memories of fresh air and exercise shared with my husband. I can only be happy as I think about this. Sad, of course, that the season is now over and it's time to put away the gear. But only until next season, of course.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - April 2, 2014


It does NOT pay to wait!

Today we decided to purchase our silver passes for next season. So glad we did! Before April 15th, a silver pass is only $329. The cheapest this pass has ever been. If you wait til after April 15th, it goes up to 379. And if you dare to wait until next season, it goes up to 479. Like I said, it does not pay to wait!

What a fabulous spring skiing day on the mountain. The temperatures were warm, and the snow was soft and fast. What a great combination. And to top it off, Cypress is offering FREE hamburgers and pop at the top of Lions Chair. Monday through Friday, noon through 6 p.m. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better :-)

Both sides offered some pretty great runs today, especially after the snow we got last weekend. The pick of the day today would be Collins, with Humpty a close second. The Un Run was also fun to brush up on tight turns in the trees.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Mar 12, 2014


Spring may not be here on the calendar, but it sure was today on the mountain! Nice warm temps, soft snow and bluebird skies. The visibility was excellent in all directions, reminding me that we truly live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

On Black Mountain, Eagle Express Quad Chair  provided access to some great runs. Although this skier is not a park girl, if you are, the jumps and rails looked like fun.

Today I would have to say, though, that Mount Strachan had the best conditions The sun was shining over there and the runs were fast and smooth.

My pick of the day would be Horizon. The nice steep pitch combined with great conditions made for a very fun run.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Feb 19, 2014


So the early bird really does get the worm . . . or should I say gets the corduroy!!

Wow. What a difference a week of snow brings. It was only last Sunday that the front page of the Province showed a picture of Cypress with bare terrain. Not today!

It is true that climate change is affecting our ski season and the freezing level is rising. Its kinda funny how the paper printed a story, however, on how bad the season has been in the midst of the most snow we've had. Bill the safety patrol guy told me that in the past seven days we have had one third of this season's snowfall (10O of the 300 cm).

Back to the mountain. WHAT A DAY! All lifts and most runs fully operational today. And I'm so happy that I didn't only get to look longingly at Ravens Ridge, but actually got to ski on it. Perfect timing too. Down came the fence and down went Jen! Rolling hills of beautiful fresh corduroy. People all around me were hooting and hollering they were so happy.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Feb 26, 2014


I love skiing and I love Cypress!

Today was simply a stellar day. No other way to put it. Perfect, actually, if there's such a thing. And to add to perfect, my friend who joined me got to celebrate her birthday on the mountain today. Did you know that if you ski Cypress on your birthday, you ski for free?! Happy Birthday Helena!!

The runs were all in great shape, with the near bluebird skies providing enough warmth for slightly soft snow conditions. All lifts operating and so many great runs to choose from.  Combine that with breathtaking views that were available from every lift and many points on the mountain -- like I said, near perfect.

Difficult to choose pick of the day with so many great runs to choose from.  On Strachan Mountain, Horizon and Rainbow were smooth and fast. And over on Black Mountain, Crazy Raven, Maelle Rickers, and Panorama were all fantastic as well.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Feb 12, 2014


Thank you Mother Nature!

Amazing what some snow does for the mountain. So many more runs were open today and the snow was fantastic. I felt like I could ski for hours it was so much fun. We also managed to catch some blue skies this morning as well. What more could one ask for?!

I understand their was 10 cm of new snow, which opened up Horizon on Strachan for the first time in a while. And on Black Mountain, the lower fork of Maelle Ricker's Gold and Ashley McIvor's Gold were both open too. Fitting as the Olympics are presently under way.  I noticed Raven's Ridge looked almost ready today. Hope so. I miss that side!

Pick of the day was Humpty, with Horizon pulling a close second. Although I can't really say I found a bad run today :)

Besides the great conditions and mild temps today, it was really great to see many cars in the parking lot, and many people in the Crazy Raven Bar & Grill. Much more vibrant all round today.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Feb 5, 2014


Todays report is entitled The Wimp Ski Report, written by a newly self proclaimed wimp. IT IS COLD OUT THERE!

I believe the temperature is about minus 7 or so, which is really good for snow making. The Double M powder as they call it (man made) really is spectacular and is only possible to make with these low temps. However, this skier has gotten so used to our perpetual spring weather that I am not so used to a little cold. Pathetic.

On Strachan Mountain, Sky, Lions Express and Easy Rider chairs are all open. The big bluebird skies provide spectacular views and great direct sun on that side.

Over on Black Moutain it seemed a bit warmer to me and the snow makers are in full force, providing lovely powdery snow to swish through. A lot of the runs had good conditions and were very fast today. I would say my pick of the day would be Panorama to Windjammer.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Jan 29, 2014


The People Of Cypress

Today I was skiing on my own as my hubby had some meetings he had to attend. We are generally very good about protecting our Wednesday date day, but today couldn't be helped.

In order to entertain myself since I was on my own today, I did some observing and casual interviewing on the mountain.  The people I saw or spoke to are mentioned in my report today, hence the title "The People of Cypress".

I began my day on The Eagle Express Quad Chair, where Robin was loading patrons. She was helpful and smily, and willing the occasional snowflake to multiply.  Panorama, Windjammer, Maelle Ricker's and Jersey Jay were all in great shape today with soft groomed snow.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - Jan 22, 2014


Sunshine and fresh air. And more sunshine. And more fresh air. What more does one need?

Okay perhaps a little cooperation from Mother Nature might be nice. I am reminded of our 2010 Olympics and how we were panicking about the lack of snow. I remember what an amazing job Cypress did that year of making and moving snow. And when it was all over- voila! The snow came.

So lets go with that expectation of big dumps to come. For now, the hill is great to get that fresh air and sunshine, and some well needed exercise. Today both sides were open with four chairlifts in operation. My pick of the day would be Humpty Dumpty with some lovely afternoon sun on it and soft snow.

Another great Wednesday enjoying the views of our beautiful city. I dont believe there are many places in the world where you can sit on a chairlift and see the ocean!

Dr Jen

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - January 19, 2014 - Trip to Crystal Mountain


One of the advantages of being a Cyress pass holder is visiting the sister resorts. One of those is Crystal Mountain. Lift passes are 50% off with a Cypress Silver Pass.

Crystal is located about 11/2 hours South of Seattle and is situated right next to Mount Rainier. The views that the resort boast are spectacular, especially on a day like today.The mountains that are visible from the top of the gondola include a full view of Mt. Rainier,  Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and even Mt. Baker off in the distance.

We were fortunate enough to experience a temperature inversion with bright blue skies and very warm temps (in the 60's). I saw people skiing in t-shirts and shorts!

If you have never been, Crystal is a must ski. It is larger than Cypress and smaller than Whistler. It has a nice variety of options between green and black diamond runs. Plenty of groomed as well as tree runs.

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - January 15, 2014


Happy Wednesday!

So happy to be back on the mountain after a week off' and what a great day to be here. Blue-skies, sunshine and more snow!

For the first time this season I was able to ride Lions Express Quad Chair and Sky Ohair. Very nice to have double the terrain and double the fun today.

I must say that I really am impressed with what Cypress is able to do with really so little still this year. The base still isn't what we're used to by now, but they have been able to make and move around enough snow to open up most of the mountain.

The pick of the day is challenging with so many great runs to choose from today. I would say I enjoyed Panorama the best with Humpty Dumpty and lower Horizon a close second. Both sides had great conditions to offer.

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