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Dr Jen's Ski Report - January 31, 2016


Timing is everything . . .

Woke up extra early today as we knew lots of fresh snow was predicted (they got over 30 cm since 10 pm last night!). Got up to the mountain before most, and was able to park up top.  Timing is everything.

The lifts opened early today (8:20?) and We grabbed some fresh tracks. Timing is everything.

After a few amazing runs off Lions Express I decided to part ways with my husband. He was waiting for Sky Chair to open and I wanted to explore Black Mountain, so he headed to Moons and me to Humpty. As I was passing by, Sky Chair opened!  Had to hop on. Sorry Mike.  I think I was the tenth chair up. The most beautiful fresh tracks I believe I have ever skied. Timing is everything.

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Dr Jen's Ski Report - January 6, 2016


I love this place! What a fantastic Wednesday on the mountain today. Kids are back at school and the mountain was mostly ours.

I must say it didn't start so great-- which then turned into a blessing. We left White Rock at our usual 9:00 am after-the-morning-rush time, but apparently the commuters didn't get the memo. Traffic jams galore! It took us 1.5 hours to get here. Brutal.

Then there was the blessing. Apparently quite early this morning there was a bit of rain. Who knew? What we got was blue skies with a bit of cloud, warm temps, and lovely soft snow. Spring-like conditions I would say. This made every run very fun.

With the entire mountain open today, the pick of the day would have numerous close seconds. Hmmm...let's see. Robert who has worked here almost 20 years votes for Tom Cat. Says it was great. Since I didnt ski that run today, I will say Lower Coyote 7. No bad runs today, that's for sure.

Dr Jen's Ski Report - Dec 30, 2015


Today was a fantastic day to learn patience -- with a fantastic payoff!

Some might be disappointed or overwhelmed with the number of people up here today, but not this skier. I would call today job security for Cypress and we want our mountain open and making money. Fantastic to see so many people enjoying the bluebird skies and amazing snow conditions.

All lifts and all runs were open today and we tried as many as possible. My pick today would be T-33 off Sky Chair. Great soft snow with a steep pitch and fantastic views. Close seconds  were Rainbow and Crazy Raven.

Hats off to all of the employees today. From Jamie in the parking lot with hundreds of cars, to the rental folks with a two hour lineup, to the lifties with endless skiers, to the steady stream in the bar -- everyone worked their butts off today! And thanks to Joffrey and Alex in Marketing for being so awesome :)

Happy Wednesday -- life is good!


Dr Jen's Ski Report - Dec 23, 2015


Holy Winter Wonderland!

I bet there has been 30 cm of new snow in the last 24 hours . Amazing!

We arrived up here later than usual, which really worked out well as it was blizzarding when we got here and continued the whole time we skied.

I did something today I have never done before -- skied the same run over and over and over again. Why, you would ask, would I do that? Because every time I went down Crazy Raven it was fresh powdery tracks! That is crazy. Don't get that too often. Great day to practice skiing powder, over and over again :)

My son Lloyd is visiting for the holidays and he came up with us today to enjoy the Crazy Raven Bar.  He got some computer work done while we were on the mountain. It is a lovely place to hang out while it is raining in the city.

As Travis said so well from the top of Raven's Chair, "another day in paradise!"

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Dr Jen's Ski Report - Dec 20, 2015


Ok folks. 50 cm new in 24 hours!  Oh my goodness. Today was insane.

My spidey sense told me after last Wednesday's amazing day that Sunday would be worth grabbing first tracks. So indeed we arrived here this morning one hour before the lifts opened. What a good call that was! We were met by
Max who declared that "Fun is mandatory!"

I was dreaming of Raven Ridge -- since it didn't even open last year -- so I was determined to start there. Ditched my husband and friend to catch Eagle Chair over to Ravens. Good call! I grabbed a virgin run down Crazy Raven and it was amazing!  

I spent most of my day at Raven with my new friends Krista, Jon, and Dannie from Big White (since I ditched my husband and friend) then grabbed a couple runs over on Lions Chair down Horizon, Cat Tracks and Humpty Dumpty. The huge dump provided mounds of snow, powder and new terrain.

Dr Jen's Ski Report - December 16, 2015


Pick of the day today will be very difficult because there is SO much to pick from! Translation: Super Fantastic Day with almost the whole mountain open.

What do you get when you combine bluebird skies with tonnes of new snow? Perfect. You know, one of those moments when you look around and say to yourself "I have arrived".  Today was that day.

Sunshine, snow and fresh air tend to do it for me all on their own. Add to that a whole lot of terrain that I havent skied in a while makes for a very happy Jennifer.

The day's blessings started with Sky Chair being open and going down the Glades run. A little beyond this skier's ability but what the heck? It's a perfect day. Survived that, then was able to ski Humpty and Horizon for the first time this year. We even ducked down Cat Track today which was very fun.

Dr Jen's Ski Report - December 5 , 2015



Since the forecast said rain, we weren't even going to come skiing today. Boy would that have been a mistake. Snowing like crazy up here on the mountain. A lovely winter wonderland.

It was also my husband's work Christmas party last night, so we were a little "foggy" this morning. On our first run up, he commented "I am so glad we are here. It's a cure all!" He is right. As I have written about and preached, fresh air combined with exercise is great for physical and mental health. Cypress easily provides both :)

Both sides were open today with Lions Express, Easy Rider, and Eagle Express Chairs Open. Plenty of fresh snow and fun to be had. Run of the day was Collins, by and large due to the great base their new snow guns have provided, for sure.

Met by the friendly bartender Greg, we are now enjoying lunch at the Crazy Raven. They have a great menu from the kitchen ran by Geoff, and friendly servers like Mercedes today.

Dr Jen's Ski Report - November 28,2015


We are not usually weekend skiers, but decided to take a chance today - and I'm glad we did. The very low temps all week allowed Cypress to make lots of great snow. And it was so warm today I had to take my jacket off! Spring skiing in November.

I must say I was rather surprised that with the number of people here today (three parking lots full!) they were well dispersed on the runs. Collins was a little crowded, but over on Black Mountain there was lots of space to turn freely and enjoy the fabulous snow.  

My pick of the day would be Jasey Jay Anderson's Gold run - nice steep pitch with powdery snow and no icy spots. So fun to swoosh down with lots of turns.

Get to the mountain people! It's great out there, and perfect for improving  your well being


Dr Jen's Ski Report - November 25, 2015


Wednesday date day is back!

My husband and I have enjoyed many years of skiing on Wednesdays at Cypress. Our Sabbath that we carve out of our busy schedules to enjoy one another and the joy and beauty that our favorite local mountain has to offer.

We were met in the parking lot today by Jamie,  a 13 year veteran who loves to tell you where to go -- to park your car, of course!

Then we had a great surprise: Lions Express Quad Chair was ready to start loading. I'm not sure that chair even ran last year! As I noted in my Opening Day post, Cypress put a lot of money into snow making, and Collins benefitted. And so did I today! I managed to get first tracks on the lovely curdoroy and on the fresh powder (am I allowed to say that if it's man made?!)

All in all , a simply perfect ski day. We saw a bald eagle (which is unusual for this height), both sides open with many runs, and bluebird skies.

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Dr Jen's Ski Report - December 17,2014


It's snowing!!  I think this is the first time this season that it has actually been snowing while I was skiing.  Good thing too, since Mother Nature has not been very kind so far this year.

Having said that, I am proud to say that this is my eighth time skiing this season. Yup, you heard me right. While everyone else is waiting for the conditions to get better, I have skied pretty much twice per week since opening. Four times here at my home-away-from-home, Cypress, and four times up at Whistler. The two places, really, that have the best snow making capabilities when the weather is not cooperating!

Dr Jen's Ski Report - December 3, 2014


Another fabulous Wednesday!   Who thought we could have spring skiing in December?! I believe it was about 3 degrees today.  Warm, sunny and balmy sporting fabulous views.

Having said that,  it is great to be spoiled (it was minus 12 at Whistler on Monday!) but not so good for the mountain. Cypress is doing a great job of making the snow,  but I think they would really like Mother Nature to cooperate with them as well.

Both Eagle Express Quad and Easy Rider Chairs were open today. Maelle Rickers and Jersey Jay were well covered with no bare spots or rocks. By the looks of it,  Panorama is also ready to go. Possibly opening tomorrow.

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