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Jaw Dropping Benefits of Cross Country Skiing! Posted May 13, 2013


Jaw Dropping Benefits of Cross Country Skiing!

Check out this article from the Globe and Mail -


Dr Jen's Ski Report - April 15, 2013


Friends and faithful followers,

Alas our love affair has come to an end . . . for this season anyway.

It was sad last week when Cypress had to close midweek because of conditions. This of course meant no Wednesday date day and no Dr Jens Ski Report.

Last Friday we had a pre booked trip to Whistler for the Ski and Snowboard Festival, so no Cypress on the weekend either. Bad timing for my favorite winter love affair!

Now it is Monday morning and I wake up in in Whistler to check Cypress' very informative website. A little too informative today - it's the last day! ! I don't remember anyone checking with me first before deciding today was closing day! !  Guess I know where I rank on corporate decisions (lol).

I certainly can't complain. Cypress has been a true hilite of the winter: a beautiful place for a date with my husband; fresh air and exercise; an outlet for the trapped writer inside of me . . . nothing but good on good.

Axial SCX10 - Fields Of White - Posted Nov 20, 2011


Inukshuk Funnies - Posted Oct 31, 2011


Click the image below to open a PDF.

Has Gizmo returned to Cypress Mountain - Posted Aug 16, 2011


Has Gizmo returned to Cypress Mountain?

Here he is in 2005...














And here he is in 2011!  Welcome back Gizmo!













For more photos of Gizmo and his family click HERE.


Heroes of the Harnessed Hickory Film, Script by Donald Grant (March 3rd, 2010).


Who do you think was BC's best in 2010? - Posted Feb 10, 2011



Who do you think was BC's best in 2010?  

MAELLE RICKER - of course!

Timelapse Photos of Vancouver - Posted Jan 15, 2011


This is a timelapse Photos of Vancouver from the Highview Lookout.

Project Flare - Vancouver Sunrise Time-lapse



Cross Country Snowboarding Video - Posted Jan 5, 2011


The marketing team found this online and had to post it up for your enjoyment!


Epic Conditions for the Holidays - Posted Dec 28, 2010


Our Marketing Department at Cypress Mountain had the chance to sneak out of the office today to test out the mountain conditions.  They reported back “epic for the holidays!”   Their favorite run today was on the steep fall lines of the Raven Ridge terrain pod on the east face of Black Mountain. Ripping through the old growth forest on “Shore Glades” then connecting to “Black on Black” ski run was in prime condition and they still managed to get a few fresh tracks.  But to top it all off – No Lift Lines at all down at Raven Ridge!  Stay tuned for some “Go Pro Hero” HD footage of the runs on the weekly video coming later this week

See you on the Slopes!

Snowmaking Stats - Posted Dec 22, 2010


 Water volume= 22.2 million gallons

126.25 acre feet of snow

15.5 hectare metres

155,725 cubic metres

329 109 548 grande starbucks cups stacked one on top of
another, full of snow

Approx 113 football fields with a foot of snow (An American
football field is about 10yards shy of an acre; goal line to goal line)

Snowmaking hours to date = approx 300hrs

Ride share site connects ski community - Posted Dec 16, 2010


Ride share site connects ski community

 By Erin McPhee, North Shore News
December 14, 2010

What are "QR" Barcodes?







Snow Bog at Cypress


The Cypress Mountain Marketing Department came across this video on YouTube and we just had to post it somewhere on our site.  Enjoy....


Cypress Relay For Life Team in The North Shore News


Here is a link to an Article in the North Shore News on the Cypress Mountain Relay for Life Team!

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