Employee Testimonials


~ 1st Season ~

Snow School Lesson Desk
Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Cypress is sick because the boarding looks epic and it is so close to the city so I can work, board and check out the city and surrounding BC while in Canada for the winter season.  I look forward to being part of the team.


~ 2nd Season ~

Repair Shop
Melbourne, Australia

Cypress is the biggest and best resort closest to Vancouver.  Its the resort to come to for a day on the board and a beer with the mates downtown on the way home.  The staff has great camaraderie and everyone looks out for each other.


~ 2nd Season ~

Crazy Raven, Kitchen Supervisor
Windsor, Ontario

I like working at Cypress because I can snowboard and work in the same place, the people are awesome and the money is good!


~ 5th Season ~

Big Bear Sports Retail Shop
Airdrie, Alberta

Who doesn't "like" Cypress?  Why do I LOVE Cypress..?  The staff, the terrain, the conditions, the proximity to the City.

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