Nordic Spring Fest
Annual Nordic Area Celebration

Nordic Spring Fest

  • Annual Nordic Area Celebration

2019 Tropical Springfest - March 31st

Head down to Hollyburn Lodge in the Nordic Area on March 31st for our annual closing event! 

We will have lots of fun festivities for the whole family including the infamous DUMMY JUMP! 

There will be a yummy pancake breakfast at Hollyburn Lodge from 9:30am - 11:00am, followed by a BBQ, live music, and the dummy jump in the afternoon. As always, you can come enjoy our fully licensed kitchen in Hollyburn Lodge all day long! 

Dummy Jump Guidelines: 
- Must have 2 holes drilled in both ends for transport up hill. 
- Any Cypress Department or Club can participate 
- Must be easy to clean, and environmentally friendly (no confetti, liquids, etc). 

Dummy Jump Prizes: 
- Best Looking Dummy 
- Most Epic Crash 
- Furthest Distance 

Dress to impress in your best tropical party garb!