FAQ Lessons

Can I reserve my lessons?
Yes, you can reserve private lessons and all multi-day programs.

Where do I check-in for lessons?

Check in for your lessons at the Lesson Desk in Rentals on the first floor of the Cypress Creek lodge. We can set you up with your lessons, tickets, and rentals all at one stop. Please make sure to arrive at least one hour in advance of your lesson start time.

What should I wear?
Layers are best so that you can add or remove them as you get warmer or colder. Snow jacket and snow pants are very strongly recommended. Also remember to bring gloves, a hat, and sunglasses and sunscreen if it is sunny. Sun reflecting off of the snow is strong and can give you a sunburn even in winter.  

Do you rent clothing?
Yes we rent snow jackets and pants in our Rentals shop for children and adults.  

Do you rent goggles and hats?
You can purchase goggles, hats, and gloves in our Big Bear Store. Due to hygienic safety we do not rent these items.

Do kids need poles?

Children ages 3 -5 in Skooter lessons do not need poles for their lessons. Children 6 years and older should bring poles to their lessons.

Do I need a helmet?
All students 18 years old and under are required to wear helmets during lessons. Helmets are included in rental packages for students 18 years and under and for all Skooters in lessons. We recommend helmets for adults. Helmets can be rented in our Rentals shop.

How many people are in group lessons?

We take a maximum of 8 students in our group lessons for youth and adults and a maximum of 6 students in beginner child lessons. Skooter lessons have a ratio of 3 students per instructor.

Are you instructors certified?
All of our instructors are certified by the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance, the Canadian Association or Snowboard Instructors, or by a foreign organization recognized by the International Ski Instructors’ Alliance.

Can I request an instructor?
Yes, you can request your favourite instructor for a private lesson.

Can I have a lesson in another language?

We can accommodate your request for instruction in another language in private lessons. We have instructors available to teach in at least 20 languages.

Do you have lessons for Adaptive students?

Yes, we can accommodate adaptive students depending on their needs. Please call us for more information.

Can I join a lesson after it has started?
Unfortunately you cannot join into a lesson after it has started as it disrupts the flow of the class already in progress for your fellow students.

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