NEW RFID Coming to Cypress
September 2018

NEW RFID Coming to Cypress

  • September 2018
September 2018

RFID Coming to Cypress this winter

Introducing RFID Season Passes for the first time to Vancouver's largest ski resort.

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RFID Instruction Poster

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification allows encoding of stored information to be transferred via a transmitter chip in your Season Pass and a receiver.

How does RFID work in my Season Pass?

Your season pass will securely store a personally generated number allowing you to pass through a gate or have your pass scanned to access your favourite chairlift. Your physical season pass will also have your photo and name.

How does RFID benefit me as a Passholder?

Once you have your season pass, you can keep using the same card for future seasons to come with no need to wait in line to re-issue a new card.

Do I need to show my pass each time?

Keep your goggles up, your face mask down and your gloves on at the gate, everything is hands free. Simply store your card anywhere in a secure pocket away from any other device, transmitting card, item, etc...

What happens if my Season Pass doesn't scan through?

We'll be there to provide friendly assistance or have you visit our Guest Relations office.

What should I not do with my RFID Season Pass?

Do not hole punch or cut your season pass anywhere as your RFID antenna will be damaged. You will have to keep your Season Pass in a separate secured pocket away from your phone, transmitting devices, items, etc...

Is my RFID Season Pass waterproof?

Yes, but your socks aren't.

What if I lose, damage or forget my RFID Season Pass?

Let us know right away so someone isn't caught using your lost or stolen season pass! There will be a $20 fee to cancel and re-issue a new card. There will be a $5 fee for a temporary day ticket if you forget your Season Pass.  

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