Bear Cub - Ruth - Update from Critter Care! - Posted Feb 8, 2011


Ruth arrived at Critter Care on June 18, 2010 from Cypress Mountain  - she was 10 weeks old and weighed a mere 9lbs.

Ruth’s mom was hit by a car on the evening of June 16.

The next morning, when the concerned driver went to check to see if the bear was okay, he found her body with two distressed cubs clinging to her. The Conservation Officers and Park Rangers were immediately called. When they arrived, one of the cubs ran off, but the Conservation Officers were able to grab Ruth. Ruth was kept in a kennel at the Ranger Station for the next 24 hours, while attempts were made to capture her sibling.

Unfortunately, despite their efforts, her sibling was never caught, and Ruth was transported to Critter Care.
Ruth was introduced to Holly and Higgins not long after her arrival. She was scared and lonely after losing both her mother and sibling. Ruth, was the smallest of the three cubs, but the bossiest. She didn’t let the others intimidate her.

Eventually, Ruth and Holly formed a sisterly bond and the two have become inseparable. With age Ruth has lost her bossiness and has turned into a very watchful,curious, and charismatic little girl!

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