St. Patio Park Heavyweight Championship 2012 - Recap

March 17, 2012 had meaning for a lot of people. For many it was St Patrick's Day, for others it was just another Saturday; but for everyone at Cypress Mountain, Comor, Bataleon and the local shred community it was also the debut of the biggest, baddest feature Cypress has ever seen! Coming in at a staggering 18ft tall and 45 ft long the Comor Wallride and Bataleon Storefront is a feature to be reckoned with.

Photo: Travis Williams
Photo: Alex Hawley

What better way to debut this new feature than the “Saint Patio Park Heavyweight Championship”, a free event put on by Cypress Mountain in conjunction with Bataleon and Second Wave Snowboard Shop.

Following a laid back format, the event was an inclusive experience with categories for both skiers and snowboarders including under 15s, 16 and over, ladies and a men’s pro i.e. the Heavyweights. However even with this being an inclusive event, the level of riding by all of the categories was absolutely astounding. The riders truly stepped up to the feature and wowed everyone with incredibly technical tricks on the top rail 20 ft off of the ground.

Photo: Kelly Kurtz Photo: Katie Kotz
Photo: Kelly Kurtz Photo: Sev Photography
Photo: Kelly Kurtz

 Photo: Sev Photography
 Photo: Sev Photography

The Bataleon Team was on hand to set the pace by throwing down heavy hitting tricks every way possible on the wall, the top rail and the storefront rail. Not only did these boys stoke everyone with their skills they also showed a huge amount of support to the younger riders by handing out swag every time they saw a grommet throw down a banger.

Photo: Callum Dornan Photo: Callum Dornan
Photo: Kelly Kurtz Photo: Kelly Kurtz

Photo: Kelly Kurtz
Photo: Sev Photography
Photo: Sev Photography Rider: Chole Woodruff       Photo: Sev Photography
Photo: Callum Dornan Photo: Kelly Kurtz
Photo: Callum Dornan Photo: Callum Dornan
Photo: Sev Photography      Rider: Katie Lacroix-Vogel   Rider: Chloe Woodruff       Photo: Sev Photography
Photo: Travis Williams              Rider: Cholee Woodruff
Photo: Kelly Kurtz


We had a ton of great prizes from our sponsors Bataleon (including 3 snowboards), Second Wave and a 2012-2013 Cypress season pass for the TKO winner.

Bantamweight Snowboard
(15 and under)
Bantamweight Ski
(15 and under)
1st    Kody Yarosloski
2nd    Ben Hope
3rd    Isaac Steensma
1st    Alex Sawyer
2nd   Spencer Lindeman

Middleweight Snowboard
(16 and over)
Middleweight Ski
(16 and over)
1st    Mike Doyle
2nd   Tolman Damien
3rd    David Joncas
1st    Liam Ponton
2nd   Max Coert
3rd    Blake John Travers
Welterweight (Ladies) Heavyweight (Mens Pro)
1st    Chloe Woodruff
2nd   Kayla Kobelin
3rd    Katie Lacroix-Vogel
1st    Stefan Karmn
2nd   Raphael Suter
3rd    Brent Nancarrow
TKO Round Winner: Stefan Kramn  
Photo: Katie Kotz;                                  Bantemweight Ski winners
           Middleweight Ski winners
Middleweight Snowboarder winners  
Photo: Katie Kotz Photo: Katie Kotz
Bantemweight SB winner: Kody Yarosloski TKO & Heavyweight winner : Stefan Kramn
Photo: Sev Photography Photo: Sev Photography

Special thanks to the MC Jameson Trenholm, the awesome judges; Jay Hill & the rest of the Terrain Park crew for building this massive feature; and Andrew George for organizing the event! 

 Photo: Alex Hawley     
 Photo: Kelly Kurtz

No St Paddy’s Day event would be complete without green beer being served on the patio to all of the friendly folks who were out supporting and cheering. Meanwhile our Ring Girl Leprechaun got his groove on between rounds to the sounds of DJ Woodhead, a Vancouver favorite behind the decks.

Be sure to keep St. Paddy’s Day 2013 open for the Saint Patio Park Heavyweight Championship Rematch!

 Photo: Katie Kotz
Photo: Katie Kotz                                          "The Dancing Leperchaun"       

Thanks to all our event partners!