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During the summer of 2011, the staff at Cypress Mountain determined that our Recycling Program was only scratching the surface of our ability to reduce the output of landfill bound solid waste.  We pulled a team together called the Cypress Mountain Recycling Group (CMRG) to create a new vision for our Recycling Program and this page summarizes the teams efforts.


The Cypress Mountain Recycling Group (CMRG) evaluated our existing program and came up with a summary of recommendations for upgrades:

  • Enter into a partnership with a supplier of compostable serving utensils and containers
  • Enter into a partnership with a facility with the capability to sustainably process compostable solid waste into a re-useable product 
  • Prepare educational and expectation messaging for guests and staff to understand and utilize the tools provided within the upgraded Recycling Program
  • Continue to expand the scope of the Recycling Program to include virtually everything our Mountain operations consumes or utilizes


The CMRG further refined the criteria for the Recycling Program to set the parameters for a sustainable and workable endeavor to reduce our operating “footprint”.  They decided on the following principles to guide the Program:

  • Source compostable products whenever reasonably available for utilization at all Food & Beverage outlets (the major contributor to solid waste production on the Mountain)
  • Work to recycle all other consumables within all areas of the operation, including waste engine oil, waste kitchen cooking oil, plastic bottles, glass, cans, batteries, electronic components, etc.
  • Work to reduce volume and concurrently target 95% compostable refuse - and undertake to track the reduction of waste over an 18 month period from November 1, 2011

Program Implementation:

Phase 1:

The CMRG evaluated a number of alternatives for partnerships to bring into our Program and ultimately selected the following businesses based on their expertise and products.  These partners are the major contributors to our program however we have forged many other smaller scale relationships to assist us in achieving our goals.









  • North West Organics – a locally owned and operated company which has the most advanced, environmentally sound organics com
    posting facility in North America.  The North West Organics Soil Farm safely and effectively processes source-separated food scraps, and o
    ther clean organic materials (see Wisent/Eco Products below) into healthy and beneficial Class A Compost.
  • North West then responsibly applies the produced compost into their arable land base - enhancing the growth of organic crops to be returned and consumed in our region.  North West’s integratation of composting with organic farming makes optimum use of a significant natural resource that was historically discarded
  • Wisent/Eco Products – Wisent is a local supplier of Eco Products, a leader in the field of sustainable disposable serving products, including hot and cold food, and drink containers and cutlery.  Eco Products “Greenstripe” disposables are made from renewable plant materials obtained from sugar cane and corn and are BPI certified compostable and compliant with all testing requirements.  The “Greenstripe” cutlery is the only Greenstripe plant product that is not compostable therefore Cypress has opted to use “Plantware” cutlery, another Eco Product innovation that uses polylactic acid from corn kernels which do meet all required composting specifications.
  • Eco Products has a full line of more economical recyclable plastic products which was an alternative that our group considered however, based on our research, it was determined that compostable products would be our most sustainable and most responsible first step.

Phase 2:

After sourcing our compostable products and partnering with a company who can facilitate the composting process, the next step is to implement a Program to educate staff and users on how to sort compostables from non-compostables, and provide the initial sorting stations and messaging necessary to facilitate efficient source sorting of products.

This Phase will continue over the period January 2012 to April 2012.  In January we will be conducting staff and volunteer training and we will be progressively improving messaging to guests, and upgrading our infrastructure to set the stage for reaching our ultimate goal of footprint reduction.













Phase 3:

This Phase will be conducted over the summer of 2012 and into the 2012/13 snow season.  Based on our monitoring of Phase 2, we will summarize the strengths and weaknesses of our Recycling Program to determine what is working and what improvements are necessary.  We expect that our temporary Recycling Stations will be replaced by permanent facilities specifically designed to address weaknesses in our Program whether it be location, messaging, ease of use, or volume of stations.  By the end of the 2012/13 season we plan to be compliant with the objectives we have set out.

Other Initiatives:

Our Recycling Program, as set out in our Objectives, has a broader mandate to include more than just serving containers in our Food & Beverage Facilities.  Following is a list of the other items which we are now recycling within our operation:

What does Cypress Mountain Recycle?

  1. Bottles & Cans 
  2. Mixed Paper
  3. Card Board
  4. Composting - all food waste and containers
  5. Old Electronics
  6. Batteries
  7. Soft Plastics
  8. Rigid Plastics
  9. Blue Box Plastics
  10. Glass
  11. Styrofoam
  12. Tin
  13. Oil from the Deep Fryers
  14. Toner Cartriges
  15. Printer Ribbons
  16. Metals
  17. Bamboo
  18. Appliances
  19. Paint
  20. Tires
  21. Oil, Antifreeze, Chemical Plastic Bottles
  22. Oil Absorbant Pads
  23. Oil Filters
  24. Solvents
  25. Fluorescent light bulbs, wires, cables, ballasts
  26. Glass
  27. Construction Waste

Environment Initiatives:

Cypress Mountain is a No-Idling Zone: Idling for over 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more CO2 compared to restarting your engine. 

Boyne Resorts & Cool Earth: Boyne Resorts is proud to be partnered with Cool Earth to help protect our rain forests.  Rain forests are disappearing fast and attributing to our global climate change.  Our partnership with Cool Earth is helping to supercharge our carbon responsibility as part of Boyne Resorts’ policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all resort locations. For more information about Cool Earth, please visit our Cool Earth page HERE or

Guest Experience Team:  Has reduced the amount of printing of emails, manuals and staff handbooks by providing the information on line.


We now are in the process of looking at everything else we utilize on the mountain with the intention of developing a more sustainable way of dealing with disposal of all of these products.

We welcome any and all input into our Program from guests visiting our public recreation facilities or reading this web page.  Please email Cypress Mountain Recycling Group at

Recycling Program Partners: