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What does Cypress Mountain Recycle?

  1. Bottles & Cans 
  2. Mixed Paper
  3. Card Board
  4. Composting - all food waste and containers
  5. Old Electronics
  6. Batteries
  7. Soft Plastics
  8. Rigid Plastics
  9. Blue Box Plastics
  10. Glass
  11. Styrofoam
  12. Tin
  13. Oil from the Deep Fryers
  14. Toner Cartriges
  15. Printer Ribbons
  16. Metals
  17. Bamboo
  18. Appliances
  19. Paint
  20. Tires
  21. Oil, Antifreeze, Chemical Plastic Bottles
  22. Oil Absorbant Pads
  23. Oil Filters
  24. Solvents
  25. Fluorescent light bulbs, wires, cables, ballasts
  26. Glass
  27. Construction Waste

Environment Initiatives:



Cypress Mountain is a No-Idling Zone: Idling for over 10 seconds uses more fuel and produces more CO2 compared to restarting your engine.  

We welcome any and all input into our Program from guests visiting our public recreation facilities or reading this web page.  Please email Cypress Mountain Recycling Group at

Recycling Program Partners: