2010 Olympics


Location: West Vancouver
Distance from Vancouver Olympic Village: 31 km
Venue Capacity: 12,000 in each of two temporary stadiums
Elevation: 915 m

Venue Description
With spectacular views of the city of Vancouver and its harbour, the freestyle and snowboard competition sites are located in Cypress Provincial Park within the District of West Vancouver. It is served by an excellent highway and has ample parking.

Cypress Mountain is the Official Freestyle Skiing (Aerials, Moguls & Ski Cross) and Snowboard (Half Pipe, Parellel Giant Slalom, and Snowboard Cross) Venue for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Venue upgrades include modifications to existing runs, a new in-ground halfpipe, a full snowmaking system and water reservoir, lighting, a new freestyle site for aerials and moguls, and a re-graded parallel giant slalom course. The construction process began in May 2006, following a comprehensive environmental review.

All Venues were completed by the Fall of 2007.

Post-Games Use
Cypress Mountain is one of the most popular skiing areas in British Columbia attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The 2010 Winter Games upgrades will enhance the Cypress experience for recreational and competitive users.



The moguls' competition consists of a run down a heavily moguled course with two jumps. The Olympic format is a one-run elimination round followed by a one-run final of 16 - 20 women and 16 - 20 men. In the finals, competitors ski in the reverse order of their finish in the qualification round. The skier with the highest score in the final round wins.

The Olympic aerial format consists of a two-jump qualification followed by a two-jump final. The combined scores from the two jumps in the qualification round determine who qualifies for the finals, with 12 men and 12 women advancing to the finals. Scores from the qualification round do not carry over to the finals.

Ski Cross
Imagine racing down a steep, tight, winding course filled with jumps, rollers, berms and tabletops fashioned out of artificial and natural features. Now imagine you're pitted against 3 other skiers in a mass start, elbow-to-elbow, and the object is to cross the finish line first. And in one piece. Such is the life of a ski cross athlete.

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The halfpipe competition takes place in a half-cylinder-shaped course dug deep into the hill. Using speed gained on the slope, snowboarders come up over the rim of the pipe and perform acrobatic aerial tricks. The object of the halfpipe is to perform difficult tricks with perfect form.

Parallel Giant Slalom
An exciting version of Alpine snowboarding, parallel giant slalom features head-to-head matches on the mountain. After the qualification round, a 16-person tournament is established and competitors battle it out on two side-by-side courses until there is a winner.

Snowboard Cross
A challenging route including jumps and obstacles conveys a “Formula One” atmosphere. The heats consist of four riders who start at the same time, whereby the best two in the finish proceed to the next round. Snowboard Cross is one of the fastest and most exciting events that snowboarding has to offer.

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