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BAC Country Access

BC Park Visitors

The downhill ski area is extremely busy. To maintain orderly travel, backcountry visitors to the Black Mountain and Bowen Lookout Winter Trails must use the Backcountry Access Corridor (BAC).

To access these trails, you must observe the following:

  1. The Backcountry Access Corridor (BAC) is open 9am - 10pm.
  2. A yellow BAC tag is required to access the corridor. Pick up your free BAC tag from the Brown Bag Room in the Black mountain Lodge. (See map for directions)
  3. Follow the marked pole route through the downhill ski area to the winter trails. Please travel efficiently through the base area to reduce congestion.
  4. Washrooms are available for backcountry visitors in the Black Mountain Lodge. (See map for directions)
  5. You are responsible to proceed with care and full consideration of the variable surface conditions in all pedestrian areas, parking lots, walkways and trails.
  6. Overnight parking: please park in the designated area of Lot 3B. Failure to comply could result in a needless Search and Rescue operation and/or your vehicle being towed

Please Note: The downhill ski area is closed to all access from 10pm until 9am, while Cypress Mountain completes grooming and base area preparations.

Collecting your BAC Tag

A BAC Tag is required during our winter operations only.

1. Free parking is provided to all BC Park visitors in Lot 3b. If you wish to park closer, paid parking applies and can be paid for when you collect your BAC Tag.

2. A BAC Tag can be collected on Cypress Mountain in the Brown Bag Room located in the Black Mountain Lodge. The tag must then be visibly attached to your clothing.

3. Your tag will be inspected by our ticket checkers. Please have your tag ready for inspection.

4. Visit the info kiosk before you begin your hike to pick up a trail map.

5. Continue on the designated walking path to trail head, located to the west of the base of Eagle Chair.

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BC Parks Visitors Parking

As of December 23rd, 2020, Cypress Mountain introduced a parking fee in the Nordic Area Lot 4 and in Lots 1,2, and 3A and adjacent roadsides in the Downhill Area. These fees will be charged to those vehicles entering the parking lots whose occupants have not pre-purchased a Ticket or Season Pass for planned, paid activities within the Downhill or Nordic Ski Area Boundaries. There will be no fee for Park Users parking in Lot 3b.

How to pay for parking?
Downhill parking passes can be found in the Brown Bag Room located in the Black Mountain Lodge in the Alpine Area. Nordic parking passes can be purchased near the trailhead in the Nordic Area. Alternatively they can be purchased via the Indigo Neo APP available in your App Store.  

Please be prepared to provide an attendant with your parking pass information at the Main Gate or Hollyburn trail head.

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Winter Safety

When visiting BC Parks during the winter, prepare for cold temperatures, changing weather, challenging road conditions, short days, avalanches and variable ice conditions. All these factors mean less room for error in staying safe. Backcountry travelers are responsible for their own decisions and safety. 

Be prepared this winter - LEARN MORE