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Home Downhill Conditions and Cams
Home Downhill Conditions and Cams

Downhill Conditions & Cams

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Downhill Area Update

The Eagle Coaster and Crazy Raven Restaurant is now closed for the summer. Our Guest Services office will remain open from 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week. Guest Services will not be open on Monday October 11th 2021

Thank you for a great season! We'll see you in the fall!

For the overnight snowfall depths, see the snow stake cam above.


  • Cypress Mountain
    • 0 cm


    • 0 cm


    • 5 cm


    • 0 cm

      Base Mid Mountain

  • Nordic
    • 0 cm



Cypress Mountain is extremely pleased to announce a major expansion of our State of the Art Snowmaking System! This expansion will provide a big boost for early season-opening and an ability to refresh and/or maintain our main ski runs during the season.

Cypress Mountain has made significant investment in our facilities over recent years, notably our new Eagle Coaster activity, continued expansion of snow making coverage, upgrades in more sustainable night lighting, and our new "Lights to the Lodge" snowshoe experience.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the installation for our snowmaking expansion on Horizon and Humpty Dumpty Ski Runs. This investment provides us with top to bottom snowmaking coverage on two new alternative snowmaking routes down Mount Strachan – Plus this investment will enable us to make snow on our Sunrise Terrain Park.

Some Key Facts on the Expansion:

• 15 new snow guns – Providing us 40% more snow making coverage on Mount Strachan

• 11 new hydrant locations on Humpty Dumpty and Horizon ski runs

• Upgrades to our Snowmaking Pumphouse with provide us with 25% increase in pump power

• 1400 metres of new pipe on Humpty Dumpty and Horizon ski runs

Upcoming Events

Looking forward to the 21/22 season!
Last Updated: Friday, 12:56 PM

Lift Status

Eagle Express
Lions Express
Raven Ridge
Easy Rider
Sky Chair
Midway Chair
Last Updated: Friday, 12:56 PM

Run Status

  • Groomed Groomed
  • Day Skiing Day Skiing
  • Night Skiing
  • Trails
    Closed Panorama Novice
    Closed Windjammer Novice
    Closed Upper Fork Intermediate
    Closed Lower Fork Intermediate
    Closed Jasey-Jay Intermediate
    Closed McIvor's Intermediate
    Closed Unrun Intermediate
    Closed Trumpeter Advanced
    Closed Lower Trumpeter Advanced
    Closed Hose Side Advanced
    Closed B-Hip Advanced
    Closed Blow-By Advanced
    Closed Detention Glades Expert
    Terrain Parks
    Closed Skate Park
    Closed District
    Closed Stomping Grounds
  • Trails
    Closed Collins Novice
    Closed Horizon Intermediate
    Closed Humpty Dumpty Intermediate
    Closed Cat Track (upper) Intermediate
    Closed Primary Power Intermediate
    Closed Horizon By-Pass Intermediate
    Closed Lower Bowen Intermediate
    Closed Hutch Intermediate
    Closed Cat Track (lower) Intermediate
    Closed Upper Bowen Advanced
    Closed Bowen Face Advanced
    Closed Gibsons Advanced
    Closed Upper Rainbow Advanced
    Closed Bowen West Advanced
    Closed Rainbow Advanced
    Closed Slash Advanced
    Closed Moons Advanced
    Closed L.T.D. Glades Expert
    Closed Elevator Glades Expert
    Closed Darkside Glades Expert
    Closed Crator Glades Expert
    Closed Bowen West Glades Expert
    Closed Under the Volcano Glades Expert
    Closed Gibson Glades Expert
    Terrain Parks
    Closed Sunrise Park
  • Closed Benny's Intermediate
    Closed Crazy Raven Intermediate
    Closed Lower Coyote 7 Intermediate
    Closed 3 Bears Intermediate Groomed
    Closed Rideout Intermediate
    Closed Bilodeau Advanced
    Closed Upper Coyote 7 Advanced
    Closed First Sun Advanced
    Closed Shore Glades Advanced
    Closed Shore Line Advanced
    Closed Black on Black Expert
    Closed Meteor Expert
    Closed Black Fly Expert
  • Trails
    Closed Runway Novice
    Terrain Parks
    Closed Steezy Rider
    Closed Gnarlys Den
  • Closed T-33 Intermediate
    Closed Horsefly Canyon Intermediate
    Closed Glades Advanced
    Closed Tomcat Advanced
    Closed Ripcord Advanced
    Closed Top Gun Expert
  • Closed Shuttle Novice
    Closed Blaster Intermediate
    Closed Hut Run Intermediate
    Closed Webb-Site Intermediate