Eagle Coaster

Our summer Eagle Coaster is now Sold Out for this weekend. 

Please visit our downhill conditions page prior leaving for your Coaster Ride.


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Home Green Zones
Home Green Zones

Green Zones

Go with the flow

Cypress Mountain has a variety of Terrain for all levels of ability and age – please respect the Green Zones marked on our Trail Map as Slow Skiing and Riding Areas!
Green Zones are marked with green shading on our trail maps, click the map thumbnails to view our trail maps page with larger images.

Go with the Flow reminds everyone while in a Green Zone to follow the speed and the patterns of those around them - sometimes this takes concentration but it's easy and safe for everyone.

Skiing or Riding faster than those around you is "Too Fast" - you are expected to confirm to this easy rule at all times in a Green Zone!

When you pass someone after you have slowed to the Speed around you, you must provide plenty of clearance to the Skiers or Riders you are overtaking and pass them only at a slightly faster pace - again an easy rule of thumb to follow!

Some additional Rules for the Green Zones:

  • No "straight-lining" in the Green Zone - you must incorporate turns into your Skiing or Riding pattern - especially in congested areas
  • No "hucking" off the side of Green Zone Runs crossing out blindly into the Run

If a Slope Safety Monitor observes you, or you are reported to be violating these simple rules, you will lose your Lift Ticket or have your Season Pass suspended.

Green Zone Poster