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Group Leader

Group Leader

    1. Download the Group Leader Kit, which includes the Group sign up form. 
    2. Sign up a minimum of 20 people to purchase a season pass. Your group can include family, friends, co-workers etc.
    3. Your sign up form must include your name and email address, a group name (Max 9 letters or easily abbreviated) and the names and email addresses of your group members
    4. Submit your completed sign-up form to the Group Sales office via email to
    5. Once received, your online account will be activated and your online username and password will be emailed out to you and your group members
    6. Group members can log in to purchase their season pass at the discounted rates. 
  • The Group Leader credit is calculated as 5% of your group's total sales. This credit is applied to the season pass choice of the group leader. The Group Leader only earns the 5% credit when a minimum of 20 passes are purchased. The more people that purchase as part of your group, the more credit you earn! The Group Leader credit will be applied after the sales deadline, so don't purchase your group leader pass online

  • Yes! If you have enough credit to cover the cost of 2 or more passes, you can share that with family/friends. Passes that have already been purchased cannot be refunded in lieu of credit. So the credit can only be shared with someone who has not yet purchased their pass. 

  • Anyone! Your group can include family, friend, co-workers, friends of co-workers etc.

  • No! Everyone in your group can purchase the season pass of their choice. Groups can also be a mix of Downhill and Nordic passes.

  • Passes can be purchased by cheque or cash, however, the payments still must be collected by the group leader and submitted to the Group Sales office. The pass purchaser must fill out a season pass application form and submit that along with their payment to the Group Leader. The Group Leader must submit all pass purchases to the Group Sales office by the sales deadline. Group members cannot directly pay for their passes to the Group Sales office, all pass purchases must be submitted via the group leader. Cash/Cheque payments with applications must be submitted no later than 1 pm on Oct 4

  • There is no additional discount to the season passes, however the more people that purchase a season pass as part of your group, the more Group Leader credit you earn. The additional credit can be used towards a season pass for your family or friends.

  • Only groups of 20 or more are eligible for the group discount on their season passes, so it's up to the Group Leader to follow up with their group members and make sure they go online to purchase their season pass prior to the sales deadline. The Group Leader will also not earn any group leader credit if the group does not meet the 20 person minimum.

Credit FAQ's

  • Your credit will be calculated and emailed to you by the Group Sales Coordinator, after the deadline.

  • Your credit cannot be used towards any lesson. Only Season Passes, Sky Cards and Lift Tickets.

  • Your credit must be used in the season it was earned; it can not be deferred.

  • No, the credit must be used towards Season Passes, Sky Cards or Lift Tickets only.

  • You can pay for the remaining balance with credit card or cash. The transaction will not be processed until full payment has been taken.

  • Your credit must be redeemed in the season it was allocated. It will expire April 30th, 2021.

  • You can put your remaining credit towards Sky Cards, Full Day and Half Day Lift Tickets. Prices can be found on our website.

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