Crazy Raven Favourites

Crazy’s Turkey Clubhouse Burger

The Clubhouse Sandwich was invented at New York City's Union Club in 1899 and since that date, it has graced tens of thousands of restaurant menus all over the world.

Crazy's Turkey Clubhouse Burger is our updated take on this famous Sandwich with all of the classic ingredients: turkey, smoked bacon, cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Our big 6oz. turkey patty is house formed from fresh Grade A lean ground turkey, lightly seasoned and then cooked up on our flat grill to juicy perfection. Just to add another twist to this delicious creation we have added a slice of sharp cranberry cheddar - it's almost like Christmas dinner in a bun!

Don't miss out on all the Crazy Raven Bar burger selections - coming soon will be a write up on our Big Chicken Crunch and our Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon burgers!

Crazy Raven Quad Burger

- A staple at Cypress Mountain since the early 90s!

The Quad has been a staple on the bar menu at Cypress Mountain since the 1990s, back to the days of Growlies Bar & Grill in the Black Mountain Lodge! It's built with a 6-ounce grass-fed all-beef patty and the big-4 toppings: caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and a slice of aged cheddar.  The Quad Burger is designed to satisfy our hungry skiers and riders appetites after a day on the slopes and it's remained our top seller for over 25 years.

Pairs well with a Goose Island Honkers Ale!