Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 01/08/20
January 2020

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 01/08/20

  • January 2020
January 08 2020

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 01/08/20

Dr. Jens Crew

I not only love to ski at Cypress but at least once per year I really enjoy snowshoeing. This year was an extra special treat.

My son and his girlfriend were in town from Germany to enjoy the hike. Also, there were lights!! Many cool LED lights on the trail. First time for Cypress. What a great addition!  

The guided tour by Karen was lovely. She lead us through the trails, informed us of the history and the tree life, and then served us a great chocolate fondue in the famous Hollyburn Lodge after.  

The whole evening was fantastic, as we got to have fun and get fresh air and exercise all at the same time. What we hadn't planned?? A full moon to boot! The light from the moon on the snow just made the evening even more magical.   Thanks so much Cypress for all that you do to constantly improve the experience for your guests.  

Good job!!

Dr. Jen

WRITER - THERAPIST - SKIER - BUSINESS OWNER I am the owner of The Counselling Group in White Rock, and I have been a Therapist in private practice for 25 years. One of the most important things I can preach is how important it is to get outside and move!! Your mental health will thank you. http://doctorjen.co/  

Lights to the Lodge!