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Home Latest News Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 03/24/21
Latest News Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 03/24/21

Dr Jens Ski Report

March 24, 2021

Holy Snow!!

This morning I felt a bit tired, and it was pouring rain in White Rock. Hmmmm, back to bed, or go skiing? 

Get up and go silly! Sure glad I did. Rain at home typically means snow up here, and that was very true today. 

The volume and heaviness of the snow was a bit challenging, but a good workout. No lift lines were nice though as there weren't that many people up here today. Lots of kids in lessons, which was great to see. 

Best run today was Panorama. Groomed with lots of new snow. 

A lot of staff in the Crazy Raven Bar and Grill and not many patrons made for some fun in the snow--a snazzy snowman with a snow puppy too. Very funny. 

A little over two weeks to go in the season. Sadly coming to an end. Get up here and grab some turns while you still can. 

Dr. Jen
I am the owner of The Counselling Group in White Rock, and I have been a Therapist in private practice for 25 years. One of the most important things I can preach is how important it is to get outside and move!! Your mental health will thank you. http://doctorjen.co/  

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