Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/18/19
December 2019

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/18/19

  • December 2019
December 18 2019

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/18/19

Snow day!

One week til Christmas, and the snow gods are with us!! It is seriously snowing like crazy up here today. So much so, that the visibility was a little difficult. No complaints, though. I would rather have poor vis because of all the snow! More new faces today around the mountain. I met one lifty from Sweden, and our server in the Crazy Raven, Jacz, is from Scotland. It was also great to see a familiar face in the pro shop, Clayton, who is tuning up my skis as we speak. If you need waxing, edges or repairs, Cypress has great deals. It was also great to see Doug again in the Pro Shop. Cypress has great options for gear and swag, and some discounted items too. Check it out! 

Super cool to get to ride Mount Strachan today. Collins is open, and in really good shape. I even caught some fresh tracks on it!    
Over on Black Mountain, Panorama is open now too. Maelle Ricker's and Jasey-Jay are getting better and better, with a lot more coverage than our last time up. I love it that the open terrain is growing by the minute.    

And what did I read about snow shoeing? LED lights on the trail?! I can't wait to experience that!   
With every trip up, my mental health thanks me. When life at home is stressful, it all disappears up here :)   

Dr. Jen

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