Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/01/19
December 2019

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/01/19

  • December 2019
December 01 2019

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/01/19

Dr. Jens Birthday Ski!

I am SO excited!! My first ski day of the season, and it happens to be my birthday. AND, it is actually snowing too! Could it get any better?!

Cypress does such a great job of staffing each year, which is a big part of the allure. So far I have already met some new folks: Sofia from Mexico,
Christoff from Austria, Tall parking lot dude... sounded Scottish? I'm sure there will be many more new great people to meet.

Familiar folks too, like Dre. So nice to see him, and happy that he keeps the lifts moving. Also saw Robert with a crew of ski lesson folks. Way to go grabbing lessons so early!

Back at the ranch (Crazy Raven Bar) we have the returnees this year: Adam the Boss, KB, Amy, the Chad, Thomas, Michelle, Caitlyn, Amanda, Chelsea, Jelaine, Jennifer, sexy Keith, Scott, and Steffany. Another newbie, our server today, is Robin. Lovely gal who is happy to be back home in the Lower Mainland. Seems like a great addition to the team.

I am so glad Cypress has such great snow-making capability, and that they were able to open. Mother Nature has not been kind to us with our great, no precipitation fall... but here we are! There was some snow on the sides of the road travelling up, and plenty up here for some great warm-up's to get the season going.

On a personal note, I have had a fairly stressful Fall. Coming up to the mountain is practicing what I preach: Get Outside For Your Mental Health. I'm already feeling better.

Hope to see you all up here soon!

Dr. Jen

WRITER - THERAPIST - SKIER - BUSINESS OWNER I am the owner of The Counselling Group in White Rock, and I have been a Therapist in private practice for 25 years. One of the most important things I can preach is how important it is to get outside and move!! Your mental health will thank you. http://doctorjen.co/