Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/12/18
December 2018

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/12/18

  • December 2018
December 12 2018

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/12/18

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It is so cool watching the mountain "open up".  From Easy Rider, to Eagle Express, then today to include Lions Express! It is like watching a beautiful flower open and bloom. The mountain is coming alive. 

There was considerably more snow all over the mountain today, and I understand plenty more to come. It even looks like Raven Ridge could be opening next with the snow cover it has had.    I would say the best conditions were on Collins, which made for some nice turns and views. This was great for my good friend Kathy who joined us today. It was her first time on the mountain this year. She finally was able to get some flexibility with her job and join us! An added bonus when you can ski with friends.   As we were wrapping up our day today, snow began to fall again! Whoo hoo.    Looks like we are off to a great start. Make sure you get up here yourself and enjoy those endorphins that the fresh air and exercise gives us. Necessary for everyone at this time of year.    Back at the Crazy Raven for lunch, lovely Shaylene is our server. The food is great and the atmosphere cozy. Ahhhh...   

Dr. Jen


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