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Latest News Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project
Hollyburn Lodge Official Firelighting
November 2018

Hollyburn Lodge Official Firelighting

  • November 2018
November 21 2018

Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project

official fire lighting at hollyburn lodge

Photo from Left to Right:  Jackie Swanson - Hollyburn Renewal Committee Chair and Former Hollyburn Ridge Association President; Tami Reilly - Black Diamond donor; Kevin Healy - Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Committee Engineer; Mary-Ann Booth - Mayor of West Vancouver; and Chris Frampton - Director of Ski Patrol.    

A small gathering was held on November 20th 2018 for the "official lighting" of our new wood burning fireplace at Hollyburn Lodge.  This was the final piece of the puzzle to complete the Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project that started 2015.   We now have a fully completed new Hollyburn Lodge with all the same charm as the one that was built in 1926 that has been the backcountry community centre of the Hollyburn Ridge recreationists for almost ninety years.         

On behalf of Cypress Mountain, a huge thank you to members of the fundraising committee who put in a lot of work and effort over the past 4 years.  In addition, we would like to thank everyone who donated funds to the project and we hope you take the opportunity to enjoy the facility for years to come.  We would like to thank newly elected Mayor of West Vancouver, Mary-Ann Booth, for joining us last night - thank you very much for your support throughout the project!  

Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to team Cypress Mountain (past and present).  Your efforts and dedication throughout was a key factor in the success of this project.      

I can't wait to take my family to Hollyburn Lodge for a hot chocolate and a warm up by the fire.  

Russell Chamberlain - President and General Manager   

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