Holiday Break Visitation & Pay Parking Implementation

Our top priority at Cypress Mountain, as always, is the welfare and safety of our Season Passholders, Guests and Team Members.

Cypress Mountain Resort has spent significant time and capital over the last eight months creating and refining a comprehensive COVID-19 Operational Plan in order to operate our facilities as safely as possible during this pandemic. It was identified early in our planning that we would need to reduce and control capacity within the resort in order to be flexible and be able to deliver on the health authorities guidelines. Our plan provides pre-paid visitors a very clear understanding of our expectations as we have proactively presented our safety protocols for services and activities. Cypress Mountain Resort’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

Cypress Mountain is currently operating at a reduced capacity and the visitation across the resort yesterday, on December 22nd 2020, was approximately 80% of normal Christmas peak visitation. We expect that percentage to drop over the next two weeks. Lift lines, although they may appear excessive due to physical distancing requirements, are in fact within 10 percent of normal peak times despite the reduced capacity. Cypress Mountain has Health Authority approved and inspected COVID-19 protocols in place in all services across the Resort.

BC Parks is responsible for visitation management outside the designated safe Ski Area Boundaries and BC Parks and other government agencies are responsible for management of activities along the highway corridor. Since October 26th 2020, Cypress Mountain has been urging BC Parks to get engaged in the anticipated COVID-19 realities of winter visitation at Cypress Provincial Park. As the second COVID-19 wave gathered momentum, BC Parks agreed that it would implement a "day pass system" similar to what was utilized to control demand during the first wave of the pandemic. After planning for Cypress Mountain's role in the implementation of their reservation system, on December 14th 2020, BC Parks informed Cypress Mountain that they were cancelling their commitment to establish the day pass system, which would have allowed for planned visitation levels arriving at Cypress Provincial Park (the most heavily visited park in the BC Park system). After explicit warnings were issued by Cypress Mountain Resort to BC Parks, regarding the expected effects of uncontrolled visitation, no meaningful proactive action was taken.

Due to BC Parks cancellation of the reservation system used this summer to control demand, Cypress Mountain will be introducing a parking fee in the Nordic Area Lot 4 and in Lots 1,2, and 3A and adjacent roadsides in the Downhill Area. These fees will be charged to those vehicles entering the parking lots whose occupants have not pre-purchased a ticket or season pass for planned paid activities within the Downhill or Nordic Ski Area Boundaries. Cypress Mountain Resort is responsible for all costs associated with Lots 1A, 1, 2, 3A and the Nordic Lot and will be charging these fees to assist in managing demand within the resort boundaries for the safe and orderly use of these areas. Premium parking charges will apply as normal in Lot 1A. There will be no charge for parking in Lot 3B.


Russell Chamberlain

President and General Manager

Cypress Mountain Resort