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Home Latest News What is the Winter Tire Symbol?
Latest News What is the Winter Tire Symbol?
What is the Winter Tire Symbol?

What is the Winter Tire Symbol?

September 19, 2019

What is the Winter Tire Symbol?

Snow Tires

How can you tell a true winter tire? Just look for the made-in-Canada severe service symbol.

The severe service winter tire designation looks like a peaked mountain with a snowflake in the middle. When you see a tire with the mountain snowflake pictograph on the sidewall, you know it meets specific snow traction performance requirements set by the Rubber Association of Canada. Tires designed for use in severe winter conditions can handle both snowy, slippery roads and low temperatures.

The mountain snowflake symbol indicates a winter tire meets the minimum requirements for providing traction in harsh conditions, though some tires exceed the symbol's requirements. You might be wondering why tires marked M+S ('mud' and 'snow'), also known as all-season tires, don't have the severe service symbol. That's because all-season tires are safe for most conditions, but they're not designed to give grip on ice or in sub-zero weather.

In fact, all-season and summer tires become hard at temperatures below 7 C, leaving you with reduced traction and unsafe handling. Head over to Kal-Tire's website to read more........

Must Use Winter Tires 

Remember: you must have Winter Rated tires to travel up Cypress Mountain! 

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