Skooter Snowboard Levels

What Snowboard level is my child?
Level 1


Yellow Whisky Jack


  • Learn to use my equipment
  • Learn to move around on flat terrain
  • Develop confidence sliding on my snowboard
  • Gain control of speed, using my edge  

To move on:

  • I can J- turn or side slip to control my speed
  • I am confident sliding on gentle terrain
  • I am balanced on my snowboard 
Level 2


Green Snow Fox


  • Build confidence on steeper terrain
  • Develop speed control skills
  • Leaning how to change direction 
  • Increase mobility on my board  

To move on:

  • I can use both edges to change speed and direction
  • I have been introduced to Easy Rider terrain
  • I can stand up on my snowboard without assistance
Level 3


Red Snow Rabbit


  • Build confidence on Easy Rider chairlift
  • I can do isolated turns
  • Improve my balance and mobility on green terrain
  • Build strength and Stamina  

To move on:

  • I can use Easy Rider chairlift safely
  • I can control my speed on green terrain
  • I am confident linking turns on green terrain
Level 4


Blue Mountain Goat


  • Explore the mountain
  • Build confidence on steeper and more challenging terrain
  • Developing my novice turns
  • Introduction to tricks on my board (improving balance and mobility)
  • Build strength and stamina  

What's next?

  • Refinement of riding skills
  • From the age of 7, moving onto 'Raven Rider Camps.'