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What level am i?

Level 1

First Time Discover

You will learn:

  • how use equipment
  • one-footed mobility: skating, stopping, straight gliding, climbing
  • heel side slip
  • heel side pendulum 
  • safety and the Alpine Responsibility Code
Level 2

Mastering Side Slipping

Already knows:                                                                

  • side slipping on heel side                             

Rides comfortably:

  • in the Olympic Ring Area
  • Snowboard Learning Area      

Will learn:

  • improved control on heel side
  • improved control in heel side pendulum
  • toe side side slipping and pendulum
  • using the chairlift
  • riding down Runway (Easy Rider)
Level 3

Learn to Turn

Already knows:                                                                

  • heel and toe side pendulum
  • use of the chairlift

Rides comfortably on:

  • Runway (Easy Rider)  

Will learn:

  • improved edge control
  • isolated heel and toe side turns
Level 4

Link Down Greens

Already knows:                                                                

  • isolated heel or toe side turns
  • speed management on steeper/ flatter terrain

Rides comfortably on:

  • Runway (easy Rider)

Will learn: 

  • turn linking
  • riding down Collins (Lions Express) or Panorama (Eagle Express)
Level 5

Cruise the Blues

Already knows:                                                                

  • confident on either toe or heel side edge

Rides comfortably on:

  • Collins (Lions Express) or Panorama (Eagle Express) 

Will learn:

  • improved turn linking
  • sliding turns
  • introduction to pressure control
  • introduction to freestyle

Please note: These levels are approximate and may be adjusted by your instructor at the beginning of your lesson.