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Eagle Coaster is open for the summer season. Click here to book now!
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      • sunny
      • 7 °C
        • 14.2°
        • 7.5°
      • 0 kph
      • Wind

Nordic Conditions & Cams

Thank you for your interest in our 2021/22 Ski & Snowboard lessons. Our programs will be available for purchase mid-November. Our Lessons typically begin mid-December, snow conditions and covid restrictions permitting. Please sign up for the Cypress Mountain Newsletter for updates.
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Mountain Cams

  • Current Conditions

      • sunny
      • 7 °C
        • 14.2°
        • 7.5°

Mountain Overview

  • Cypress Mountain
    • 0 cm

      24 Hr

    • 0 cm

      48 Hr

    • 0 cm

      7 Day

    • 0 cm


    • 0 cm

      Base at Hollyburn

  • Nordic
    • 0 cm

      Base at Hollyburn

Nordic Area Update

The Nordic Area is now closed for the season!

Hollyburn Lodge is now closed for the season

Nordic Cafe is closed for the 21/22 season.

Cross Country Skiing Update

Thank you for a great season, see you all again soon!

The Nordic Area is now closed for the season! The Nordic Area closed on April 10th.

Tubing and Sliding Update

The Tube Park is now closed for the 21/22 season. Thank you for having fun with us!

Snowshoeing Update

Our Snowshoe trails are now closed for the season!

Lights to the Lodge is closed for the 21/22 season. We hope you enjoyed our magical nights!
Last Updated: Monday, 12:34 PM

Trail Status

  • Groomed Groomed
  • Day Skiing Day Skiing
  • Night Skiing
  • Track Set Track Set
  • Closed Ski School Flats Novice
    Closed Sitzmark Novice
    Closed Sitzmark (backside) Novice
    Closed Lower Telemark Novice
    Closed Lower Wells Grey Novice
    Closed Cross Glades Novice
    Closed Old Rope Tow Novice
    Closed Burfield Novice
    Closed Jack Rabbit Loop Novice
    Closed Hollyburn Novice
    Closed Sidewinder Novice
    Closed Lower Powerline Intermediate
    Closed Roller Coaster Advanced
    Closed Zig-Zag Advanced
  • Closed Upper Telemark Intermediate
    Closed Upper Wells Grey Intermediate
    Closed Upper Powerline Intermediate
    Closed Connector Intermediate
    Closed Brothers Canyon West Intermediate
    Closed Pop Fly Advanced
    Closed Brothers Pass Advanced
    Closed Upper Mobratten Advanced
    Closed Russel Advanced
  • Closed Five Lakes Novice
    Closed 4th Lake Novice
    Closed Unknown Lake Intermediate
    Closed Triangle Lake Intermediate
    Closed Triangle Meadows Intermediate
    Closed Pacific Intermediate
    Closed Romstad Advanced
  • Closed Grand National Intermediate
    Closed Jack Pratt Advanced
    Closed Brothers Canyon East Advanced
    Closed Lower Mobratten Advanced
    Closed West Lake Advanced