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Home Season Pass Protection
Home Season Pass Protection

Pass Protection


Coverage begins on the date the Pass Protection Program is purchased and terminates on February 28th.

Features of the Coverage:

Prior to February 28th, Cypress Bowl Recreations Limited Partnership. (DBA Cypress Mountain) will defer the Season Pass to the following season, for a fee according to the Schedule of Coverage in the event of: Injury, sickness or death of a Passholder which prevents participation in the sport. Claims must be made within 45 days of the incident.

The pro-rate deferral schedule:

Pior to official opening 100%
Opening through to Dec. 31 75%
Jan. 1 through to Jan. 31 50%
Feb 1 through to Feb 28 25%
Beyond March 1 N/A

The date of non-participation shall be the latest of:

  1. The date the Season's Pass is surrendered to Cypress or
  2. Where due to injury, pregnancy or sickness of the passholder, the date of the ultimate diagnosis which results in the non-participation; or Pre-Existing Condition.  Any condition for which the Passholder received treatment in the 180 days prior to the purchase date of the ski pass will make the Pass Protection Program coverage invalid.


The Pass Protection Program does not cover loss cause by:

  1. Intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  2. Emotional disorders or pre-existing conditions unless the Insured is hospitalised;
  3. Any injury or sickness that does not prevent participation in the sport for which the Season's Pass was purchased;
  4. Re-location or moving outside the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Area
  5. Loss from any event which at the time of purchase could reasonably have been expected to occur.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Pass Protection Program is valid only if purchased concurrently with the Season's Pass.
  2. Non-participation must be on the written advice of the attending physician (self-diagnosis by a physician is not valid). Signed Doctors note must be provided with full details.
  3. Cypress must be notified and the Season's Pass surrendered within 45 days of non-participation. Notification beyond this period will not be accepted.
  4. The cost of the Program is non refundable.
  5. Calculation of the deferral amount is from the date of completion of the required paperwork from making a claim.
  6. The Deferral amount will be applied towards a season pass the following season and will not extend to future seasons.
  7. The Deferral amount is non transferable and is only valid for use towards a season pass the following season for the original passholder.
  8. There will be no pass activity after the initial claim date.
  9. Once a claim is made, the pass is considered void for the current season and will not qualify for any perks/discounts/benefits that may be offered on season passes the following season.
  10. The differal schedule applies regardless of Seasons Pass usage.

How to Present a Claim:

Cypress Mountain
P.O. Box 91252
West Vancouver BC
V7V 3N9