We understand that life is full of surprises and can change quickly. All Cypress Mountain season passholders can defer their pass's value as credit towards their next season's pass, with a valid medical reason. Pass deferral requests are reviewed by Cypress and are deemed case-by-case based on our pro-rated deferral schedule.

The deferral form is exclusively for injury-related requests. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept deferral requests based on weather conditions. Any deferral submissions related to weather conditions will be declined. Currently, we do not offer credits due to weather conditions. However, if there are any changes regarding credits due to weather conditions, we will ensure to communicate with all passholders.

  • If a passholder has a valid medical reason and cannot ski/ride for the winter season they can request to have the value of their purchased pass credited towards a season pass for the next year. Passholders must notify Cypress Mountain by completing the form above in order to defer their pass. All cases that come in for deferrals are reviewed by us and are deemed case by case based on our pro-rated deferral schedule.

  • Please use this form to request a season pass winter deferral credit.

  • To defer a pass credit for the 2023-24 season to the 2024-25 season, that request can be done any time. All cases that come in for deferrals are reviewed by us and are deemed case by case based on our pro-rated deferral schedule.

    Pro-rate Deferral Schedule
    Prior to official opening 100%
    Opening through to Dec. 31 75%
    Jan. 1 through to Jan. 31 50%
    Feb 1 through to Feb 28 25%
    Beyond March 1 N/A
  • Please note, not all products have voucher codes available in your profile. If you already have your code, skip this step and head to Using Voucher Codes.

    1. Log onto your Cypress Mountain Shop account.
    2. Once logged in, click on "My Account" in the navigation bar.
    3. Click on "Vouchers" on the left side of the page.
    4. In the left panel, select Vouchers. Then, look for the product and/or the person in your group with valid voucher codes.
    5. To use a voucher, you'll need the ID code listed. This is visible here, or below the barcode on the "View/Print" page.
    6. Proceed to Using Voucher Codes to complete the transaction.


    How to use Voucher codes

    1. Add to cart the appropriate product and proceed to checkout. 
    3. Proceed through the checkout process like usual until you get to the Personalize step.
    4. In the Personalize step, enter your voucher code into the Enter Your Code field, then select VALIDATE CODE.

    For multiple products in one purchase, repeat this step for each required field. This may require unique voucher codes.

  • All Cypress Mountain season pass products purchased the prior year are eligible.

  • No, deferred pass values are non-transferable and may be used for the original passholder only.

  • Your Ikon Base Pass value cannot be deferred, but the remainder value of your Gold + Ikon Base pass can be used as a credit for the next season. The deferral credit amount will be the same as the regular Gold pass of the same age category at the time of purchase.