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Home Self-Guided Snowshoe Tickets and Rentals
Home Self-Guided Snowshoe Tickets and Rentals

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Nordic Area

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Cypress Mountain’s Nordic Area is located on Hollyburn Ridge just 30 minutes from the heart of downtown Vancouver, right at the city’s door step! If you want to get out and enjoy winter, Cypress has 11 km of safe, in-bounds self-guided snowshoe trails that run through sub alpine meadows and snowy mountain forests of Hollyburn Ridge.

Snowshoeing Update

Looking forward to the 21/22 season!

Snowshoe Etiquette

Snowshoe rentals are NOT permitted to leave the Nordic Area.  

    • Check the weather and trail conditions before heading out.  Be prepared for changeable mountain conditions, as weather, visibility and trail conditions can change very quickly.
    • Be sure a responsible person knows your plans so that if you are late returning or get lost, a timely search for your rescue can be put into motion.
    • Ensure you leave sufficient time to return to the base before the trails close at sunset, as the snowshoe trails are NOT lit for night operations.
    • Always follow the bamboo poles and other trail markings.  Do not wander off the trail, take short cuts or follow other people's tracks. If you get disoriented retrace your steps to the last marker.
    • When you are required to cross a Nordic Ski trail, please STEP OVER the tracks (groves in the snow for the skiers).  Look both ways, watch and listen for both skiers and machinery on ski trails. Skiers and machinery always have the right of way.
    • Be aware of natural hazards such as open water, weak snow bridges, open crossings, sinkholes, tree wells, snow falling from the tree canopy, and icy conditions.
    • Dogs are not permitted in our trail system.
    • Young children are permitted to be carried in backpacks on the snowshoe trails but NOT allowed to be pulled in a sled.
    1. Extra Clothes
    2. Food
    3. Water
    4. Garbage Bag/Tarp
    5. Whistle
    6. Candle/Fire Starter and Matches
    7. Flashlight/Headlamp with Extra Batteries
    8. Knife
    9. First Aid Kit
    10. Map and Compass
    • The snowshoe straps on to your footwear. Hiking boots or winter boots are best with snowshoes, running shoes can also work, but you may get wet feet. We rent a waterproof overboot which fits over top of your shoe and come up to you knees. They will keep your feet dry while you're out.
    • Wear layered waterproof clothing and be prepared for changeable conditions, which can include snow, wet snow, rain, fog and sunshine. You will warm up as you snowshoe so you don't need the same amount of clothing you would wear while downhill skiing and riding a chairlift.

The Fine Print

  • Cypress reserves the right to change or cancel programs or alter pricing without notice.
  • All tickets, tours, programs and passes are non refundable once purchased.
  • Always visit the Nordic Conditions page or call the Snowphone (604-419-7669) for daily operating hours and condition updates before heading up the mountain.
  • For safety reasons, we do not allow dogs (or cats) on our ski or snowshoe trails
  • Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
  • Taxes are not included.
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