Making Winter

Cypress Mountains fully automated Snowmaking system was installed in preparation for hosting the Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing competitions of the 2010 Olympic Games. The system was designed to take advantage of very high productivity during any windows of low temperature and humidity with state of the art automatic controls and temperature sensors.

  • Summer 2017 Cypress Mountain begins a $1,200,00 snowmaking expansion project to be completed in time for the 2017.18 Winter season. This "phase 4" expansion project will bring snowmaking right up to the top of Collins ski run (top of the Lions Express chairlift). This newest investment will include 5 new snow guns and 18 new hydrant locations. 
  • In 2015 Cypress Mountain invested $1,500,000 on increasing our Snowmaking coverage. This expansion includes almost 6.5 km of high pressure piping, 6.5 km of high voltage electrical cable and 20 new hydrants placed at important locations for slope snow maintenance.

All these improvements were undertaken to allow us to open our most popular terrain in the early season and provide the best snow conditions possible every day of the Ski and Snowboarding season.Our coverage now extends over most of the terrain on the north face of Black Mountain including all of our Terrain Park locations, Collins Run top to bottom off the Lions Express chairlift, and full snowmaking coverage on Easy Rider Quad. Our Snowmaking capabilities provide a big boost for early season opening and an ability to refresh or maintain our main ski runs during the season. As well, the Easy Rider Quad coverage provides a great opportunity to introduce Snow School lessons to our Guests as early as possible to get a great start to the Season. 

The experienced and highly skilled Cypress Mountain Snowmaking Crew, whom we acclaim to be the "Best in the Business", work non-stop around the clock during stretches of snowmaking temperatures to keep close tabs on the quality and location of the snow production. They monitor winds and temperature patterns to make adjustments to produce the most snow possible under any circumstances.

Our fleet of Super PoleCat Snowguns with 25 hp Fans (double the normal capability) is now increased to 47 Guns and they are unmatched in their capacity to convert clean cold mountain water to snowflake crystals. The 88 hydrant locations that we now have installed, provide excellent coverage with the capability of providing 3,000 gallons per minute to the Snowgun fleet from our 25,000,000 litre Reservoir.

Cypress Mountain will continue to make investments to improve the Snowmaking System in the future in order to provide the premium man-made snow that has become one of our mainstays.