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sustainability at cypress


Our Commitment to Net Zero Emissions and Building a Sustainable Tomorrow 

Boyne Resorts recognizes human-driven climate change as an urgent issue for the world, as well as for the snowsports industry. In early 2021, we formalized commitments to climate action and announced our ForeverProject.  

ForeverProject is an initiative to attain a sustainable tomorrow through collaboration, by positively affecting the lasting impact our resorts, team members, and guests have on the planet. Resting on British Columbia Provincial Park land, Cypress maintains an active participation in stewardship with BC Parks to keep our parks clean and available for recreational use. Cypress has also put into place many different initiatives to ensure a more sustainable mountain resort.

    • Power all operations with 100% clean electricity
    • Reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels in existing buildings through energy efficiency upgrades and electrification
    • Develop and implement high-efficiency green building standards for design and construction of new facility and real estate projects
    • Upgrade our lift networks, installing the most technologically advanced lifts, and enhancing the energy efficiency of lift houses
    • Install low-energy equipment while expanding snowmaking
    • Add on-site renewable energy generation projects
    • Monitor emerging technologies to identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and electrification of fleet vehicles and equipment
    • Seek partnerships with local and/or meaningful programs to sequester carbon
    • Expand composting and recycling
      • 14 new sorting stations around the mountain
      • 68,000kg diverted from landfill in 2022
    • Partner with local and non-profit organizations to donate/repurpose items, from uniforms to equipment
    • Protect and limit disturbances to wildlife habitats, forests, and wetland ecosystems from our operation
    • Support the initiatives of local environmental groups such as the Friends of Cypress, Pacific Streamkeepers Federation and UBC Forestry programs invasive species management
    • Educate team on sustainability initiatives and encourage their input during annual training
    • Be a leader in the community, educating guests about sustainability and welcoming their participation
    • Engage at local, provincial, and federal levels for policies that promote climate solutions as a member of Protect our Winters and Radical Climate Smart
    • Encourage team members to carpool and ride the bus, by offering free Cypress Coachlines Bus passes 
    • Develop great people though training and opportunities for advancement
      • Offer an opportunity for non-Canadians to become a ski or snowboard instructor and be placed for a season of work
      • Host a spring job fair for our seasonal team members
    • Promote sustainable transportation options to and from our property in partnership with Cypress Coachlines
    • Collaborate with the Hollyburn Heritage Society and Hollyburn Ridge Association to protect the historic cabin area and preserve the Hollyburn Lodge.
    • Expand access to winter sports though support and partnerships with local groups
      • Indigenous Life Sport academy, formerly known as First Nations Snowboarding Team received a donation of funds from the 2022 Sky Chair auction
      • Special Olympics BC offers 6 week programs in both downhill and Nordic areas
      • Chill Vancouver brings local youth to the as part of their youth development program


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Create and maintain a culture of reduction: energy use, waste output, water impact; balanced with maximized utilization of our human, technological, natural, and financial resources.

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Protect the natural environment unwaveringly, ensuring proper use for purposes related to outdoor recreation, and preserving or rehabilitating the land over which we are stewards.

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Support and reward outreach and partnerships that extend beyond all traditional boundaries, providing deeply valuable impact among our team members, and in our communities, industry, and environment for the long term.

1984 - PRESENT


Forever Project Icons

1984 - 2012 - Multiple recycling streams / BC Parks standards.

2012 - Joined Climate Smart and began tracking out Green House Gas emissions.

2013 - Implemented No Idle Policy along with the District of West Vancouver.

2014 - Introduced Composting program and removed many single use items.

2015 - Installed Electric Vehicle Charging stations in the downhill area.

2016 - Offered free shuttle bus for all staff to reduce vehicle trips up the mountain.

2019/20 - Retrofit all trail lighting with LED fixtures reducing electrical consumption.

2020 - Boyne Resorts joined NSAA Sustainable Slopes Climate Challenge.

2021 - Boyne Resorts commits to Net Zero emissions on all properties by 2030.

2022 - Added an additional 14 waste sorting stations around the mountain.

what we are working on


Project #1

LED Lighting Retrofit

100% of trail / parking lot lights and 95% of building lights have been retrofitted to LED fixtures and bulbs resulting in an annual savings of 1,000,000 kw.

Project #2

Building Efficiencies

Ongoing efficiency upgrades to older buildings and lift huts will reduce heating and power consumption.  This includes replacing 2 hot water tanks with an on-demand system in the Cypress Creek Lodge.​​​​​​​

Project #3

Fuel Reduction

We are currently attempting to secure a supply of renewable diesel for our grooming and snow removal fleet.  Our fleet of gasoline trucks, sleds and UTV’s will be converted to electric as they require replacing.

Targeting and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


Led by National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), Climate Challenge is a voluntary program dedicated to helping participating ski areas target and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, engage in advocacy on climate change solutions, and reap other benefits in their operations, such as reducing costs for energy use.

All Boyne's Resort benefits include access to formal training and tools to conduct a GHG inventory and identify opportunities for reductions and savings, and the ability to benchmark operations against others. Participation requires endorsement of NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes program including a pledge to the following, as well as prioritized focus on areas such as water, waste, transportation, design and construction, forest health and habitat, and supply chain:

  • Incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our resorts

  • Lead by example, and educate employees and guests about sustainability

  • Place collaboration over competition when it comes to sustainability

  • Advocate for climate protection
  • nsaa certificate

  • Climate badgeclimate badge

Golden Eagle Award Logo

NSAA | New for 2024

As part of their ForeverProject, a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, Boyne Resorts is undergoing an innovative transition of vehicles and equipment to renewable diesel (also known hydrotreated vegetable oil or HVO). Renewable diesel is made from materials like agricultural byproducts, vegetable oils and used cooking oils, and can be a drop-in replacement for petroleum-based diesel fuel with less carbon emissions, less particulate matter, and lower nitrous and sulfur oxides when combusted. The transition from petroleum diesel to HVO has an estimated 60% reduction in carbon emissions, associated health benefits for vehicle maintenance team members working in confined shops, and can significantly reduce the climate impact of machinery for which no electric alternatives are currently available. Across Boyne Resorts properties, they have used over 48,555 gallons of renewable diesel in lieu of petroleum diesel, saving over 297 MT CO2e to date. For this innovative initiative and commitment to collaboration, Boyne Resorts was named winner for Climate Change Impact and recognized as a finalist for Innovation in Sustainability.


For the eleventh year in a row, Cypress Mountain is a Climate Smart Certified Business. Climate Smart, a Radicle Group Company, is an award-winning certified B Corp that has developed a practical and solutions-based program for SMEs to profitably track and reduce GHG emissions. Climate Smart emphasizes the business case for GHG reduction: operational efficiencies, cost savings, and competitive advantage.

Cypress Mountain measured its 11th greenhouse gas inventory with Climate Smart for the FY2023 inventory (May 01, 2022 to Apr 30, 2023) and recorded emissions of 1,637.42 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

Read a recent case study by Climate Smart on Cypress Mountain's sustainability strategies HERE.



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Our mountain supports guest's environmental efforts as well! We give priority parking to those on the mountain driving electric vehicles through our six charging stations located at Cypress Creek Lodge, Black Mountain Lodge and one in the Nordic area. For Cypress Mountain and Boyne Resorts, the bolstering of electric vehicle use is an obvious part of environmental responsibility as it reduces carbon emissions by at least one-third (and up to 85% for vehicles manufactured in plants running on Hydro power). By supporting those who make more environmentally-friendly choices in their day-to-day life, we protect our mountains for future generations to come. We hope all of our children get to enjoy this beautiful place as much as we do now.