Downhill Snow School FAQ's
Everything you need to know about our Snow School

Downhill Snow School FAQ's

Everything you need to know about our Snow School
snowboard class with instructor and 3 participants
  • All of our lessons are booked online at

  • Always check the Weather and Conditions prior to coming to the mountain. In all conditions, it is best to have a winter jacket and pants set, goggles, ski/snowboard gloves, and a helmet (available at the Big Bear retail shop). In addition:

    • Wet/Snowy days: Extra gloves and layers in case you need to change, and a Gore-Tex outer layer (if available)
    • Cold/Windy days: Extra layers! Marino wool is your best choice. Don’t forget your goggles!
    • Warm/Sunny days: Fewer layers and less insulation. Thin, liner gloves are a great choice. It is important that all of your skin is still covered so that you can be protected from sunburn, snow rash, and cuts from your sharp edges. Ensure that you have appropriate eye protection (sunglasses or reflective goggles) and bring your sunscreen!
  • Skiing is less physically demanding with a shorter learning curve (you'll be standing most of the time), but there will be more equipment to juggle around, and the boots can sometimes be uncomfortable. The entry cost, when buying your own equipment, is higher.

    Snowboarding requires more physical ability and has a steeper learning curve (you'll be on the ground quite a bit), but has very simple equipment that is generally more comfortable to be in (soft boots). The entry cost, when buying your own equipment, is also lower.

  • This depends largely on your background. If you are less athletic and/or have no background in board sports (skateboarding, wakeboarding, etc), then Skiing will be easier to start. This is especially true if you know how to ice skate! If, however, you are physically strong and/or have a background in board sports, Snowboarding may be easier for you to pick up.

  • Check out our Ability Level Guide to find out what Level you should sign up for.

  • Once you are parked, follow the signs, and walk up towards the Cypress Creek Lodge. As you approach the building, at the end of the Parking Lot up the hill, you will see a rectangular building in front of Skooterville (teaching area for small children). This is the Snow School Lesson Desk, where you check-in and get everything you need for your lesson!

  • Yes! Our lessons are conveniently timed around the Cypress Coach Lines schedule. See their website,, to find out more about their schedule and pickup/drop-off locations.

  • If you are picking up Rentals, aim to check-in at the Snow School Lesson Desk at least 1 hour before your lesson. If you do not need Rentals, aim to check-in at the Snow School Lesson Desk at least 30 minutes before the start of your lesson.

    Please note the following exceptions:

    • Morning lessons starting at 9:00am, check-in at 8:20am (earliest Rentals pickup is 8:30am)
    • Raven Riders, check-in at 8:30am
  • Always check weather and snow conditions prior to departure. Snowy or sunny days are usually busy – give yourself extra time! For 9:00am lessons, you can usually park closer and be at the Lesson Desk within 10 minutes, but if you are arriving later in the morning or in the afternoon, allow yourself an extra 30 minutes to park and walk up to the Lesson Desk.

  • If a camp shows that it is full on the website, that means it is full. We may open more spots in the future. Alternatively, check out our March and Spring Break camps!

  • Yes. Please complete our Waitlist Request Form.

  • To modify your lesson, please complete the form below to request rescheduling. 

  • You will require certification from the Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance (CSIA) or Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) in order to become an Instructor. Please check out the following websites for more information and to sign up for your Level 1.