Weather Conditions and Reporting Terms:

Overnight Snow - This measurement is estimated by our Grooming Crew as the amount of snow that has fallen "Since 10PM" last night. This measurement is confirmed by 9AM in the morning when Ski Patrol performs an actual measurement at the mid-mountain weather station. (elevation 3950′).

Average Annual Snowfall - The amount of snow a mountain receives during a year. Also referred to as "total snowfall (season)" at Cypress Mountain.

Base Depth - The depth of snow at our Mid Mountain Weather Station (elevation 3950′). The estimated average depth of snow between the Top of Sky Chair and the bottom of Lions Express.

Blue Bird Day - A blue bird day is a beautiful sunny day after a overnight snowfall. It's a perfect skiing day with a clear blue sky, bright sun, and fresh snow.

Inclement Weather - Undesirable weather conditions that are extreme, storms, high winds, etc.

Low Overcast - Low lining clouds with limited visibility.

High Overcast - Highly situated cloud cover with decent visibility.

Vertical Drop (or Rise) - The vertical drop (rise) is the distance from the bottom lift station to the top lift station.

Snow Conditions Terms:

Powder - Untouched soft snow that has just fallen; excellent for skiing or riding.

Machine Groomed - Freshly groomed ski runs compacted by a snowcat.

Soft packed - Usually from a fresh snow fall, compressed snow that is soft in texture and fairly forgiving.

Spring Skiing Conditions - Late March/April skiing; generally with warmer weather hitting the local mountains, snow conditions soften and warm up.

Packed Powder - Compressed freshly fallen snow.

Hard Packed - When natural snow becomes firmly packed by repeated grooming or continuous wind exposure.

Corduroy - The surface left after a grooming machine has finished with rooming of the snow. Corduroy describes the appearance of this snow before boarders and skiers sink their edges into it.

Ski Run Terms:

Green Circle - The colour and symbol used to mark the easiest slopes. 

Blue Square - The color and symbol used to mark more difficult slopes.

Black Diamond - The colour and symbol used to mark the most difficult slopes.

Double Black Diamond - The colour and symbol used to mark expert-only ski runs.

Freestyle Terrain - May include half-pipes, as well as terrain parks and terrain features.

Bunny Slope - A gently sloped hill within a ski area; this is where novices are taught how to ski. At Cypress this area is located off of the Easy Rider Chair; the run is called "Easy Rider".

Orange Oval - The orange oval is a symbol, which identifies Freestyle Terrain on the hill.

Terrain Park - A contained outdoor area that houses features that enable skiers and snowboarders to preform tricks. Cypress Mountain has 5 terrain parks; The Skate Park, The District, Stomping Grounds, Sunrise Park and The Patio Park.

Nordic Ski Terms:

"Classic" Cross Country Skiing - To glide on a flat surface in set tracks on specialized skis; different to downhill (alpine) skiing.

"Skate" Skiing Country Skiing - To glide on a flat surface, a different type of ski with a specialized technique different to Classic Cross Country Skiing.

Cross Country Skiing - Skiing over level ground or small hills in tracks.

Nordic Ski Area - The cross country ski area within Cypress Mountain, once called Hollyburn Ridge.

Snowtubing - A recreational activity of riding an inner tube down shoots on snow. Located in our Nordic Area.

Tube Park - The area with in the Nordic Ski Area that is designated for snowtubing.

Track Set - Set track marks in the snow that enable people to Cross Country Ski. Skis remain in the straight parallel tracks.

XC - Abbreviation for 'Cross Country'.

General Ski Terms:

Downhill Area - The downhill ski and snowboard area of Cypress Mountain.

Fall Line - The fall line is the line on the mountain which water would flow if poured down the slope (the straightest and the steepest line down the mountain).

Glades - A tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area.

Groomed Trails - Ski/snowboard runs that have been maintained and compacted to allow for easier and smoother skiing/riding.

Chair Lift - A chair lift is a mechanized, cable-suspended, aerial chair device used to carry skiers up a mountain slope.

Quad Chair - A chairlift that holds up to 4 skiers/snowboarders at one time.

Detachable Chair Lift - The chair detached from the cable at the base and top station to allow for easy loading or uploading.

XC - Abbreviation for 'Cross Country'.

Skiable Terrain - The acreage within a resort's boundaries that is open to skiers and snowboarders.

Ski-In/Ski-Out - Facilities that are mountainside so that you are able to ski-in and ski-out from the building, directly to the slope.

SnowCat - A tracklaying vehicle for travel on snow; generally used for grooming ski slopes with in a resort area.